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Expendable. Can't even ride a 4-wheeler on that thing!

Trump: Put Your Head Between Your Knees And Kiss Those ‘National Monuments’ Goodbye!

Beautiful vistas, like doctor visits, are for people who can afford them.
Everyone uses this pic eventually

We’re Not Sending Our Best People: Spring Break Jerkwads Chant ‘Build The Wall!’ In Mexico

Oh American college students, never change. We mean always. Always change.

Donald Trump Suddenly Part Of Arkansas Senate Race, Maybe

Who'd have figured Donald Trump would become a pivotal issue in the Arkansas Senate race?
Sadly, the horse is a homophobe and has collected $176K in a GoFundMe

Minnesota Cordially Invites You To Come Gay It Up With Your Hot Dish Husband

So here is a nice thing! A Minnesota nice thing. Maybe Gov. Mike Pence is trying to beg all The Gays to come back to Indiana, because all that stuff about legal discrimination was just a big mistake, but...

North Carolina To Legalize Annual ‘Possum Drop’ For Sake Of Fun, Stereotypes

In a victory over the forces of Political Correctness and animal rights extremists, the North Carolina General Assembly has bravely legalized the annual Possum Drop in Brasstown, a New Year's Eve "tradition" (since 1990) that some idiots who own...

Robert Mugabe, Beacon Of Hope, Appointed Tourism Ambassador By U.N.

Robert Mugabe, yes, that one, the continued monomaniacal leader and premier "land reformer" of Zimbabwe, has a new job! In addition to the old job! Because he is getting bored with reforming land and "winning" elections and having lots...

Alvin Greene Goes Golfing With Golf Club, PRESIDENTIALLY

If you guys ever want to hang out with Alvin Greene, just call him up. He'll do it. He's no snooty Confucian. Greene said Sunday's game was an opportunity to bring attention to promoting tourism, one of his campaign...

More Pictures From Wonkette’s Exciting Excuse To Make Ken Post ‘News Items’ By Himself For Two Days!

For dinner last night on our Wonkette Travel Journalism Tour through Virginia, we went to the best Italian restaurant in the South! Unfortunately Arlen Specter had shown up earlier to vomit all over the floor, earlier. But that made...

Top 10 DC Attractions To See While in DC Anyway

Many of you will be descending en masse to DC this weekend, and after about 24 hours, you will probably become a terrible burden for the host whom you're definitely imposing upon. But there are exciting things here besides...

South Carolina Lawmakers Incensed Because They Are Gay

Guess who's paying for this daring piece of Gay Travel advertising? The taxpayers of South Carolina! Yukyukyuk... This ad was put together by the gay advertising company "Out Now" as part of its "So Gay" campaign, an "an effort...

DC Needs a Slogan

Gossip Roundup: Blood on the Floor

Hope Springs Eternal