top kill

Remember the Islands of Doctor Jindal? Well it turns out that the future president of ‘Merica may be wrong after all. Washington elites Several scientists from local universities and aquatic research centers have signed letters and sent postcards saying he is an idiot who likes to wear fur coats while looking good on the teevee.

Deathstorm Bonnie is currently taking its talents to South Beach and raining and blowing really hard but not much else. Bonnie is a disorganized mess cut up by wind shear but that isn’t stopping her from wreaking all kinds of havoc: relief-well drilling and cleanup operations have been suspended until the storm passes. It has, […]

After losing strength over what’s left of Haiti, The Deathstorm hit open water, started gobbling steroids, and now has its eye set on breaking Hurricane Katrina’s home run record. The Deathstorm is currently named “III,” or “three” for those of you who aren’t subjects of the Roman Empire. Once it increases in strength and size […]

Just when you thought that everything was returning to normal in the Black Gulf (OMG IS THAT RACIST?!? PLEASE DON’T FIRE ME GREAT AND POWERFUL EDITOR KEN LAYNE!!11!! BREITBART CAN HAZ TEH VIDEOS!) there appears to be a tropical death-storm forming in the Caribbean Sea. Presently it has a 60% chance of forming into a […]

Now that the oil spill/disaster/catastrophe is finally over (?!), BP is looking into another option to seal the well called “static kill” or “bullheading.” Static Kill involves shooting heavy mud and ground-up chunks of Haley Barbour into the well. You can add these methods to “top hat,” “top kill,” and “junk shot” on the list […]

Here is the famous live feed of the BP oil-hole in the seafloor, and according to the robots we must now trust with Everything, the bold scheme to pump a billion tons of filth & garbage atop/inside the spewing crude wound has “worked,” and everything’s better now! Oh yeah and Obama fired the mineral agency […]

Right now, valiant BP scientists are top-killing the heck of out of the all-spewing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico! Yup, they’re sure giving their all at killing … the top … of the thing … in a top kill. Which involves stone-cold pumping mud into the durn hole, we guess. Will it work? […]

Obamar has given BP permission to commence OPERATION TOP KILL, which according to BP involves a bunch of “heavy drilling fluids” (gross) committing MURDER EVERYWHERE. It will take millions of hours to complete this risky drilling-fluid-cum-murder fucking cement bomb of death, and CNN will cover it all, to confuse you.