tony abbott

Here’s an American export we ‘d hoped wouldn’t catch on: Australia now has its very own antipodean version of California’s Proposition 8 mess. First, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) — Australia’s equivalent of the District of Columbia, where the capital city, Canberra, is located — passed a law allowing same-sex marriage; it went into effect […]

Today we thought we would circle past the Wonkette international desk – tucked away in a far corner of the newsroom, next to the janitorial supplies and a dusty pile of Butterstick references – and see what’s cookin’ overseas that does not have anything to do with Syria, because good Lord we’re tired of thinking […]

Above, via LittleGreenFootballs, is a quite enjoyable 15 minutes of Australian Prime Minister Tilda Swinton smearing her menses all over the leader of the opposition, Richard from Downton Abbey, for being a total sexist lorry. It is because some other dude, this “Slipper” fellow (who serves with Tilda in the Labor Party, which is center-left) […]