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Tag: tommy thompson

Midwest Madness: Your Wisconsin Senate Debate Liveblog!

Welcome to all of the Wonkers with nothing else to do on a Friday night! Whether you're here because you have small children, or because you are a shut-in, or because you haven't yet figured out how to reprogram...

Proto-Bristol Palin: Schwarzenegger Fathered Kid With ‘the Help’

Ten years ago, the Culture of Life was going strong. How do we know this? Arnold Schwarzenegger got one of his maids pregnant a decade ago, and she went through with it, having the kid and pretending her husband...

Various Somewhat-Republican People With No Congressional Power Endorse NobamaKare!

Dare we call this a ROLL-OUT? MMHMM. After only eight months, and with health care reform shockingly enough moving forward and almost (almost!) out of committee, a few random Republicans and ex-Republicans and pretend Republican movie stars have decided,...

Tommy Thompson Is Not Forgotten

Tommy Thompson Fever: Catch It!