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By all rights Sharron Angle’s Twitter feed ought to be a nonstop stream of hilarity, full of death threats and theological lunacy and pleas for friendship, but in practice whichever intern has been put in charge of it is heroically clinging to sanity, mostly just posting links to press releases and Angle’s occasional appearances before […]

TODAY IN DANA PERINO BLOCKS  3:25 pm May 7, 2010

by Jim Newell

MEAN OLD TOM COBURN BLOCKS DANA PERINO: With Tom Coburn still maintaining a blanket hold on 100+ administration nominees, he is inadvertently ruining everything for America’s Sweetheart, Dana Perino, whom Obamar had selected for the Broadcasting Board of Governors for some strange but ultimately very unimportant reason. Or maybe it’s what Coburn wanted all along; […]

Poor old Tom Coburn was a wingnut proto-teabagger Republican Hero until the other day, when he went INSANE and told a crowd of morons they should maybe not be so hateful and personal about politics, when reasonable people can disagree, etc., and Nancy Pelosi is actually a “nice lady.” Wonkette op-art contributor Lauri Apple takes […]

Tom Coburn used to be one of the most conservative senators in the senate, but now that is over. He is a liberal, a communist, and a lesbian, starting this afternoon. Mostly a lesbian, an old lesbian. What he did is tell the folks at a recent town hall that Nancy Pelosi is a “nice […]

GUESS WHAT, OUR HEADLINE EMPLOYS SARCASM. Consider Tom “I Am A Doctor Like Howard Dean” Coburn, who has introduced a slew of wacky amendments that will be super-tough for Senate Democrats to vote against, because any change that the Senate makes in this bill would send it back to the House for a new vote.

DESPERATION  3:14 pm March 18, 2010

by Jim Newell

GOD IT IS JUST SOME BASIC FIXES TO THE INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE MARKET: “Raising the bar on Republican opposition maneuvers in the Senate, Mr. Coburn on Thursday threatened to put future holds on any Democratic House members who switch their vote in favor of the health care bill, lose their election as a result next November, […]

Barack Obama has written a letter, to the Congress, listing four very serious Republican things from last week’s summit that he’d be willing to compromise on to make things super bipartisan. It is fairly obvious that Republicans will accept these provisions and vote for the bill enthusiastically. Congress will pass it into law tomorrow morning-ish, […]

Republicans have finally said “aw fuck all” and agreed with Democrats to move tomorrow’s final health care vote from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., so Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn can go watch their grandkids sing about jeebus in Tulsa or whatever. They also have to vote on extending the debt limit — due to […]

No idea if this is a hoax or not, but a self-identified Republican, “Abraham” — like the famous Jew! — called into CSPAN to ask Republican Sen. John Barrasso why Robert Byrd hadn’t died after Tom Coburn had instructed everyone to pray for it, and they had acquiesced? Maybe Tom Coburn doesn’t know God so […]

The always admirable Sen. Dick Durbin — Barack Obama’s white father — is super upset with the behavior of this health care debate’s most shameless Senate C-Streeter, Tom Coburn, a dick. He is demanding that Coburn “explain” an earlier prayer call for a Democratic senator to miss tonight’s 1 a.m. cloture vote, SOMEHOW. Hmm. Which […]


by Juli Weiner

TOM COBURN’S (R-OK) MACABRE ANIMAL SLAUGHTERING HOBBY IS ALSO A METAPHOR, SEE? “Mr. Coburn spends as little time as possible in Washington, a place he seems to genuinely dislike. An ordained Southern Baptist deacon, he attends church every Sunday back in Muskogee and teaches a Bible study class. He tries to stop armadillos from tearing […]

Here is Sen. Tom Coburn’s chief of staff, Michael Schwartz, at this weekend’s Values Voters Summit, talking about pornography. He has a number of interesting thoughts on the subject. Did you know that all porno is GAY porno? It is, seriously.

Everyone has been wondering when Al Franken, the comedian who therefore is not smart but gets to be a Senator anyway, would stop pretending to care about “political issues” already — his 20-year campaign is over! — and just go nuts shouting insane Playboy rape jokes, constantly, in Judiciary Committee meetings. And at yesterday’s Sotomayor […]

Sorry, folks! This is what passes for SEXY SEX SCANDAL NEWS this June, while “important news” such as the incipient Iranian revolution and doomed healthcare reform dominate our boring news channels. Doug Hampton, the husband of that lady John Ensign had sex with, wrote to Megyn Kelly at Fox News five days before Ensign confessed […]

Many of Republican Senator Tom Coburn’s Oklahoma constituents were INCENSED to see their senator locked in a pornographic gay embrace with the President after his fake state of the union address a couple weeks back. In the aftermath, Coburn received 50 letters from outraged citizens asking him why he would go and do such a […]