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Which of these men would YOU rather hug?

Your Senate Sunday: Anybody But Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford (R – The Worst)

How do you solve a problem like Jim Lankford?

Mitt Romney Will Be GOP’s Sexxxy Knight In Shining Armor! Or Scott Walker! Or Somebody!

PLEASE SOMEBODY, ANYBODY! The #NeverTrumpers are DYING here!
Someone help him, please

Never Wrong Bill Kristol Says Independent Candidate Will Challenge Trump, LOL OK We’ll See

Sunday afternoon, Bill Kristol decided to leave a Memorial Day 'news' dump on Twitter. There will be a new candidate! It will be a good candidate! Bill Kristol is sure of it, and he's never wrong!

Poor Sad Old Bill Kristol To Go To His Grave Whispering #NeverTrump

Condoleezza Rice? Ben Sasse? Mark Cuban? ANYONE?
Rachel's doing her 'splainer gestures a lot tonight

Morning Maddow: It’s Anonymous Versus ‘ISIS’ In Battle Of The Nerds (Video)

Monday, somebody claiming to be affiliated with ISIS -- or at least friendly to them -- briefly took over social media accounts for the Pentagon's Central Command, and posted some stupid threatening-sounding stuff about jihad, as well as a...
Wonkette's fiance

Morning Maddow: Let’s Relive Corrupt Sen. John Ensign’s Sleazy Sex Scandal, Eww (Video)

A goodly chunk of the Rachel Maddow Show Thursday was devoted to an exclusive story on the John Ensign sex scandal and its fallout, much of which had been hidden away in Justice Department records. You see, Ensign, Nevada's...

Boehner And Schumer Engage In Twitter Slap Fight As American Dignity Swirls Further Down Toilet

We do so enjoy a little lighthearted, good-natured bicameral smack talk in Congress. Like this exchange between Speaker of the House John Boehner and this other guy, a cousin of very funny comedienne Amy Schumer who also happens to...
Here's what it takes to get Rachel Maddow to cry

Morning Maddow: Tom Coburn Says Saving Veterans From Suicide Costs Too Much (Video)

It's certainly not news that suicide among veterans is a big problem. It's also not news that expanded services for veterans is usually a popular idea. Consider the outrage earlier this year at delays in treatment at Veterans Administration...

John McCain Snarls At Young GOP Punks To Get Off His Lawn

Sure, you might think the whole Republican Party has gone round the bend and off the deep end about President Obama's decision to destroy America (again!) with his unprecedented executive action on immigration. But no, that is A Illusion...
Real wrath of God type stuff

A Children’s Treasury Of Preemptive Hissy Fits On Obama’s Immigration Speech

We hear that the president's giving a speech tonight -- not that the broadcast teevee networks will bother carrying it -- and while the full details of the executive action aren't out yet, Republicans know it's pretty bad. Here...
Boondoggle! Government Waste! Volcano Monitoring!

You Will Be Outraged By The Tax Dollars Not Spent On This Dumb Science Thing!

You probably heard about the terrible waste of money where the National Science Foundation threw three million dollars at some stupid scientists who ran shrimp on a treadmill, we bet. It was big news in 2008, and kept on...

James Lankford Is Your New Senator, Oklahoma, Congratulations He Is Terrible

Oklahoma state Senator Connie Johnson may do a POWERFUL Maya Angelou -- and she does -- but she was no match for the combination of dumb and mean that is one Rep. -- and now U.S. Senator-elect -- James...
Privatized death panels are just fine

Republican Alternative To Obamacare: Raise Middle Class Taxes While Yelling ‘Free Market!’

Now don't you go saying that the Republicans just want to repeal the Affordable Care Act without having any plans for a replacement -- as a matter of fact, on Monday, three GOP senators -- Tom Coburn, Richard Burr,...

How Did You Celebrate World AIDS Day? (Buttsechs)

Happy World AIDS Day (a day late, because drunk)!! Have you celebrated? How, exactly, does one celebrate the 25th annual World AIDS Day? We bought our Editrix a 10-pack of female condoms, because safe sexytimes are good sexytimes. The United...

Senator Tom Coburn: Obama Is My Friend, Let’s IMPEACH!

Well, kids, since it has been about five whole seconds since some Republican said President Obama should be impeached, it's about that time again. Who is impeachsplaining at us today? Why, it's Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn (no, not that...

Tom Coburn Says Murdering Economy To Stop Obamacare May Backfire

There are two surefire ways to tell if you have a really stupid idea. The first is to ask whether or not you are a Republican. If yes, the idea is likely stupid. If that doesn’t convince you, then...