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Man, the inauguration, remember that? All sorts of famous people went to Washington D.C. to see the most famous celebrity of all, Michelle Obama. Wonkette readers spotted such elusive figures as “Paul Bengala,” a rare tiger-pundit hybrid, as well as “Matt Laurer,” a retired wrestler and morning talk show host. You also saw legitimate celebrities […]

“Well Tom Brokaw, heh, I’m disappointed about Colin Powell endorsing that Democrat, but I have FIVE Secretary of States in my pocket too, nyah nyah, and good ones at that — Henry Kissinger, Jim Baker, Larry Eagleburger… Al Haig… heh heh… uhhhhhhhhhhhh… you ever met Al, Tom?… fuck… Tom Brokaw was the fifth… no no […]

Seriously, what was up with that super boring debate last night? John McCain was supposed to call Barack Obama a terrorist pal, and then Barack Obama was supposed to say “Hey man that is just wrong” and rip off McCain’s testicles and sautĂ© them gently before feeding them to Tom Brokaw with un sauce bĂ©arnaise […]

The New Great Depression hobo pictured here is Joe Biden, getting on the hobo train from Washington to Delaware to tend to his adult children. Joe Biden therefore cannot debate tonight, so lil’ old Hopey will have to debate against the old fart in his place. Who can pretend he will fix the economy more […]

A week and a half ago NBC newsman and Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert died, and the earth stopped in its orbit and let out a wild yawp of despair for the most wonderful person who ever lived. Speculation quickly ensued about who would replace Russert in a job that he alone among all […]

We have read this elitist New Yorker profile of your annoying loudmouth boyfriend Keith Olbermann and, like most profiles of MSNBC personalities, it confirms everything you learned about current MSNBC dynamics during the first five minutes of its Iowa caucus coverage.

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