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The judge has issued a nationwide injunction against Obama's guidelines on How To Be Nice To Trans Kids.

How weird, since Trump is addressing an INSANE anti-gay summit this week!

This kid really needs to pee, and SCOTUS won't let him.

Ooh, what if the Supreme Court takes this case???

Also, pound sand and eat an entire bag of dicks. We are paraphrasing the ruling, of course.

Oh look, a whole posse of bigot states are joining together to say 'EW TRANS PEOPLE'!

Surprise, they're freaked out about trans people going potty!

The trans folk are making Sen. Inhofe very pee-shy. ALLEGEDLY.

The Obama administration is sending a letter to public schools nationwide informing them that they'll have to let trans students use the restrooms they want to. Clearly, America is over, once again.

United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch is pissed off, y'all. After the Justice Department told North Carolina to fix its damn transgender bathroom law...

BREAKING NEWS: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is a moron.

The "No Doo Doos For Transgenders" ordinance is dead!

Oh golly, North Carolina idiot Gov. Pat McCrory and the other Republicans who helped create the state's insane anti-LGBT discrimination law are making the saddest...

Uh oh, James O'Keefe, doer of wingnut "exposés" that don't expose much of anything, besides what a dishonest fucking creep James O'Keefe is, has...

Whoa, it's a new day in America, and you know why? A thing happened that is GOOD for transgender people, specifically involving their God-given...

There are a lot of hard things about being a Mormon. Probably having doors constantly slammed in your face is pretty unpleasant, as is...

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