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  yo bum rush the shooter

Megan McArdle Proposes The Worst Solution To Anything Ever

In the wake of Friday’s horrific shooting, we’ve seen lots of suggestions on how to cope, how to move forward, and how to think about guns. We had predictably terrible people say predictably terrible things about how if there were only armed teachers, none of this would have happened. We had gun lobbyists showing up on your teevee to tell you that now is the time to be prepared to take up arms against your government. ¬†Yr Wonkette got into the act with not-horrible-actually-quite-necessary think pieces on mental illness and how it is really fucking time to talk about guns and gun control. As thoughtful as we have been, and as awful as the usual suspects have been, it falls to Megan McArdle, now writing at the Daily Beast, to take things to an almost incomprehensible level of stupid. At the very end of approximately one million words where she says the only way to stop the kind of horror perpetrated at Newtown would be to ban all guns, but that we cannot ban all guns, she offers the only possible solution: Read more on Megan McArdle Proposes The Worst Solution To Anything Ever…