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Rejoice, Workers! Corporations Got Their Tax Cut, So Prepare To Be Trickled Upon!

Huge corporations wouldn't do anything out of purely cynical motives, would they?

Trump To Practice Presidential Pardons. Wonkagenda For Tues., Nov. 21, 2017

Is Robert Mueller about to flip a guy? What will Trump and Putin talk about this time? And Trump gets practice in presidential pardons. Your morning news brief.

Trump To China: ‘Obama Did It.’ Wonkagenda For Thurs., Nov. 9, 2017

Trump insults the US (again), Paul Ryan is losing tax reform, and Maria Bartiromo melts the fuck down. Your morning news brief!

FCC Wants To Go Back In Time And Screw Up The Internet

The FCC is now bending over to the help poor Internet and phone companies who are hurt by their needy customers whining about fairness.

Breaking! Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Kicks Gay-Hatin’ Wingnuts Right In Their Tiddlywinks

BREAKING NEWS, a wingnut governor is not being totally awful! Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal -- a Republican -- announced in a presser Monday morning, the very day after our risen Christ done rosed again, that he will veto Georgia House...

John Oliver Presents The Only Interesting Story On Net Neutrality, Ever (Video)

John Oliver proudly brings you the first story on Net Neutrality that will actually keep the interest of people who aren't already Net Neutrality activists, and for this, Last Week Tonight probably deserves an Emmy. It helps that Oliver...

Time Warner Cable Doesn’t Have To Keep Records Of Your Complaints So Shut Up You Big Baby

We'd like to do a little customer service satisfaction survey. Do you find dealing with Time Warner Cable, which is probably your broadband provider if Comcast is not, the most awful thing you can imagine or only in the...

Fringe Catholic Screamer Bill Donohue Wants Bill Maher Fired Because He Let Dan Savage Remind People That Priests Raped Kids

Bill Donohue, the president and possible sole member of the Catholic League, has called for HBO to cancel Real Time With Bill Maher after the most recent show featured Wonket Pal Dan Savage, who very offensively and unfairly...

Maybe This Celebrity Guy Will Lead Commerce!

Barack Obama has completely exhausted his list of passingly competent government nobodies to fill the remaining positions in his upper-level administration, so now he is reaching out to people he has heard about on the teevee. Today we hear...