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House Democrats SO PISSED OFF At James Comey Right Now. Let’s Irresponsibly Speculate Why!

Wonder what Comey could have said that made ALL THE DEMOCRATS blow a gasket.

Wannabe Congresscritter Will Go To Washington To Stop Evolution Being Shoved Down Children’s Throats

Up here in Minnesota, this tundra-dwelling portion of yr Wonkette has to deal with the double indignity of snow STILL being on the ground even as congressional endorsement balloting begins. It's two terrible tastes that taste terrible together. This...

Rep. Tim Walz Dominates Al Franken, Michele Bachmann In Epic Nice Time Hotdish Showdown

In a rare diplay of bipartisanship, members of the Minnesota congressional delegation came together Wednesday in the spirit of friendly competition (and knowing that not showing up would be noticed and talked about, which may be the far greater...

Johnny Goes Marching Home