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John Hood, president of the conservative North Carolina-based John Locke Foundation, has apologized for a very special graphic that one of his bloggers, “Hot Talk WRNN co-host Tara Servatius,” included in her post for the think tank’s blog this week. What is the controversy? All it did was show “President Obama in chains and drag […]

Are you all geared up for the upcoming State Policy Network (SPN) Annual Meeting in Asheville, North Carolina? Bro come on! The SPN is a network of wingnut think tanks and organizations throughout the country that helps “advance a free society by providing leadership development, management training and networking opportunities for think tank professionals and […]

“WASHINGTON – Former President George W. Bush took a step closer Thursday to establishing an ‘action-oriented think tank’ alongside his future presidential library by naming James K. Glassman, the longtime journalist and former administration official, as its founding executive director.” This post is complete. [NYT via Matt Yglesias]

Tuesday, September 1: Always eager to offer a positive view of mankind, the Libertarians have declared us to be greedy, lazy people who act out of self-interest with complete disregard for society at large. This, and our desire to own homes, pretty much sums up their take on why we’re in this financial crisis. But […]

FOR WHATEVER REASON, the thinkers over at the Brookings Institution have declared August to be “think free month.’” Sure it’s hot, but there’s still plenty of thinking to be done — we have yet to reach our potential as a socialist country and you KNOW we can do it. To see what the Brookings kids […]

Monday, July 27: Have no fear, because the Heritage Foundation, courtesy of an event with know-it-all Jim DeMint, will rescue us from our decline into Socialism! Phew. Tonight, Ol’ Waterloo himself explains that we can “Save Freedom” (we recommend 1-qt Ziploc bags in the freezer; it keeps for months) by keeping a close eye on […]

Here’s your weekly think tank event roundup: Tuesday, July 21: Running for president didn’t seem to pan out for Howard Dean, and neither did running the DNC. To cut his losses, Dr. Dean is focusing on a hot button issue, health care. On Tuesday at 12:30PM, he discusses why health care reform must happen now, […]

Here’s your weekly think tank event roundup: Monday, July 13: The National Endowment for Democracy, true to what it was put on this earth to think about, is hosting an event today that looks at how we can foster democracy in oil rich countries.  The demand for oil seems to bring about dictatorships in these countries instead of […]

Here’s your weekly think tank event roundup: Tuesday, July 8: Of all of our failing wars, the War on Drugs may be the one that we can actually manage to win –  that is, if we no longer refer to it as a “war.” On Tuesday at noon, the Cato Institute explains how this semantic […]

Here’s your weekly think tank event roundup: Tuesday, June 30: Some folks at the Woodrow Wilson Center are curious about what exactly the Iranian presidential elections tell us.  Well, we’re not sure the best way to phrase this, but MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD.  All news attention and all tweets must be focused on his passing […]

Monday, June 22: Even though you can get a pretty thorough and in-depth look at what’s happening in Iran via the godsend that is Twitter, the New America Foundation thought you might like to hear from the “experts” about what’s happening and what we need to do. Their little two hour pow-wow starting today at […]

Wednesday, June 17: Feeling oddly confident that Cheney won’t be vindicated by a catastrophic terror attack before Independence Day? Well that’s because it’s “Protect America Month,” at least according to the Heritage Foundation. (And no, we don’t think they’re referring to increasing funding for sex education). Start your Think Tank Week on Wednesday at 10:30AM […]

Tuesday, June 9: Accidentally hook up with an intern last weekend? Ouch. Later learn that he’s not even 21 and that he’s living with his parents for the summer? OUCH. Well, if you’re looking to avoid the onslaught of interns who unfortunately take over this fine city in the summer months, avoid Campus Progress’ annual […]

Wednesday, May 20: We thought we’d lay off the Heritage Foundation this week, but because they’re so stubbornly anti-any new policy, it seems as if we have no other choice. This week’s “Good God if only McCain were President” event/wake focuses on Cuba, land of sinister 1950s tropical communists.

Tuesday, May 12: The week in Think-Tank Stuff starts with a new installment of “What is Obama fucking up now?” The answer? Heath care reform, according to the Heritage Foundation.