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Say, Did We Mention TrumpCare Will Screw Over Disabled Kids And Special Ed? GET MAD.

You want deplorable? Here's deplorable.
Not pictured: His dad's pride and joy, apparently.

Hey Everyone, Let’s Talk About Justin Bieber’s Penis, With His Dad!

Dads are great. (Unless yours isn't.) They share wisdom. (Unless yours doesn't.) They go to your piano recitals, and they never fail to support whatever it is their crazy kids get into, even if they don't always know what...
Somehow this has become routine

Another Day, Another Campus Shooting: One Dead, Three Injured, Yawn

There was another shooting on a college campus Friday, this time at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff (disclosure: Yr Dok Zoom's alma mater). It occurred at about 1:20 a.m., in the parking lot of a residence hall that houses...

Daily Caller Writer Was Just Asking Responsible Questions About Hillary Clinton Faking It

Jim Treacher, who periodically writes incredibly stupid shit at the Daily Caller Media Foundation Trademark, is now demanding the real birth certificate for Hillary Clinton's concussion or something, and DEMANDS RESPECT FOR HIS CRUSADE. A few weeks ago, when Hillary’s...

Obama Therapy Session With House Republicans Goes… Well? No One Knows

Okay okay okay let's try to get this all organized... nope, not gonna happen, so here's the deal: We have no idea where to begin with this Obama/House Republicans group sex therapy rehab session that just took place, on...

Metro Section: Fat