the war on paultards

Here’s some fun news: Ron Paul just slammed the hell out of Sarah Palin. It’s in The Politico, even! But, bizarrely, he mocks Palin’s idiot supporters as “more establishment, conventional Country-Club type of Republicans.” Dr. Paul, have you seen the YouTubes of the dumb white trash who lined up to yell racist idiocy while Palin […]

If there’s one thing everybody can agree upon, it’s that the brave democracy protesters in Iran deserve at least our moral support, right? It’s not like it costs money or risks our safety to, say, put a “me too” green stripe on our dumb blogs, right? NO WRONG, IDIOTS, Ron Paul just cast the lone […]

It’s December, 2007 all over again! Out of nowhere come the Paultards, today, wanting more War.

Um, “Digg is totally hijacked by COINTELPRO and Likud party hacks. The best way to stop them is to allow the artificial world from whence they came to collapse,, and don’t bother to feed them when they come begging.” &c. [Ron Paul Forums]

Here’s Ron Paul calling in to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto to talk about the financial crisis, TELLING HIM THE SECRETS THAT ONLY HE KNOWS, until the phone line gets fuzzy and the call is lost. The Paultards, as you may have guessed, do not consider this a coincidence. Please read all of the YouTube comments, […]

Look, Ron Paul, YOU WIN, FINE, YOU AND YOUR SUPPORTERS ARE GREAT, now will you please go away for a long time and play with your gold bricks, alone? Of course he won’t, which is why he’s making yet another “special announcement” tomorrow about some useless new thing he’s cookin’ up. He’s almost as bad […]

Guess where your editor went, on Tuesday? That’s right, to the magical Ron Paul Concert, in downtown Minneapolis.

LAMERS  1:47 pm September 1, 2008

Paultards Attack St. Paul!

by Ken Layne

Your Wonkette was just having some drinks at various patio restaurants in downtown Minneapolis yesterday when strange dorks began walking around, in bizarre costumes. Here we have, uh, “Ninja Hitler,” maybe? And he’s pulling a gimp in a wagon made of … household garbage? Like many other disheveled stringy-haired losers seen around town on Sunday, […]

Ron Paul’s exciting all-day sports arena concert in Minneapolis was really missing only one thing: actual entertainment of some kind for the Paultards expected to pay $17.76 (get it?!) plus five-hundred dollars in Ticketmaster fees for the special privilege of sitting with other Paultards in a sports arena just a few miles from the fancy […]

“The RPSSG has determined to form on the as a method of designing and building a space vehicle capable of carrying a satelite into space. This satelite, called the Ron Paul Satelite, will be a solar powered transmitter, capable of broadcasting Ron Paul Revolution: A Manefesto, in audio format, to the entire Universe! We […]

The fallout continues over last weekend’s Paultardpalooza festival in Washington D.C., which your Wonketteers bravely attended for seven minutes between episodes of drinking. If you can imagine, many hobbits on Ron Paul Forums are making strained “mental leaps” between fiction and reality. They were already convinced that our Wonkette faction was a deranged militia of […]

What dark human vice was engaged herein, June 12, 2008, among Wonketteers and thine ilk?

Now that your Wonkette has napped and commenced working on Drunkenness #3 of the day, it’s time for our first batch of Paultardpalooza photos! Here are some of the best Paultards we saw at the Ron Paul Rally, at the Capitol, courtesy of Wonkette Natty-Bo Operative “Taylor.”

PAULTARDPALOOZA  3:27 pm July 12, 2008

We Survived

by Jim Newell

If you have ever woken up early, not had your average 8 cups of coffee per hour, drank six beers before 11 a.m. (plus a shot!), stood mercilessly in the summer heat of Washington D.C., gone and had several more beers, and then come home, YOU WOULD HAVE THE WORST HEADACHE IN AMERICAN HISTORY, which […]

PAULTARDPALOOZA  6:51 pm July 11, 2008

by Jim Newell

GOOD SWEET JESUS GOD: We’ve gotten a few million “HOT NAKED FLAPPERS” e-mails this afternoon, or at least a few dozen, for Paultardpalooza. Among the respondents were an elitist lawyer and a house of six interns! Ha ha, and they all consider Ron Paul to be comical. We will see you at 9:30 a.m. at […]