the vetting

Look what he’s done now.

It is War on Catholics Day here at your Wonkette HQ, because there is nothing Barack Obama won’t do to Ruin Easter. He hates Catholics so much that he worked for a super-anti-Catholic Catholic Cardinal, at whose Catholic-hating knee he learned to make war on Catholics in the first place. And now Ghost of Breitbart’s […]

You guys, the Ghost of Breitbart is back with MOAR VETTENING, and the newest installment is AWESOME. Perhaps you have been wondering just when Barry O’s hard-on for ETERNAL WAR against the Papists began? Well it began because he ACORNED for liberal Catholics in Chicago, including the then-liberal Chicago Cardinal (the Church kind, not the […]

Sad lumpen unemployed bitter former radio talker, inveterate gossip, bridge burner, and total future Wonkette editorial trainee John Ziegler has a scoop that can no longer be confirmed by his alleged source, late American blogger Andrew Breitbart, and boy is it a doozy! According to Ziegler, Drudge was in man-love with Barack Obama and kept […]

While we were typing trivial other things,’s new children’s scavenger hunt THE VETTING continued turning out hot scoops about radical liberals. Look at the latest “get”: A CNN lady had tweeted that she was sad when the black guy who Obama hugged that one time died last year. Mr. President, it’s time to resign.