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Tag: the vatican

Some things just never go out of style!

Fox News ‘Democrat’ Kirsten Powers: I Can’t Believe Obama Drowned Those Christians!

Fox News's token Democrat on Outnumbered, Kirsten Powers, has had just about enough of Barack Obama's silence on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. For instance, when Obama held a joint press conference Friday with Italian Prime...

Let’s All Blame The Gays For The Pope’s Retirement

Oh boy, here we go! This week may have started out all "slow-newsy-snoozey" but never fear, wonketteers! The fabulous ruby-slippered Pope's retirement has become embroiled in a scandal described with words like "seething hotbed of intrigue and infighting." What?...

Texas ‘Clean Coal’ Will Finally Bring Twentieth Century Energy To America!

A $2.2 billion "clean coal" plant in West Texas has received approval from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which means Texas is one step closer to harnessing the awesome power of sulfurous pollution rocks like steampunk Zeppelin pilots...