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Our favorite-not-favorite rocker and gun enthusiast turns 65 today! We here at Wonkette would like to wish Ted Nugent a most happy birthday (or should we say Merry Birthday, because December? We don’t want to get yelled at for using the wrong word here.) Since it is Mr. Nugent’s 65th birthday, we are sure that […]

Well, we had to do this post at some point (not really!). Thank you to The Smoking Gun for providing this juicy excerpt from the FBI’s affadavit re: the various stupid crimes of Illinois Governor Rod “Blaggy” Blagojevich in his attempt to sell a United States Senate seat for a cushy job, a cushy job […]

George W. Bush did indeed buy a house for himself and his wife Laura and his two rat dogs as well! It is in the rich area of Dallas, which is probably a suburb! Look!

YES WE CAN'T  1:04 am November 29, 2008

by Ken Layne

CURRENT MUGSHOT FASHION: Here are two recently arrested ladies sporting the finest in Barack Obama casual “No Hope” designs. They probably don’t even know each other or anything! But at least our nation’s hopeless are now wearing cheap Obama-themed t-shirts while doing whatever petty crime. [The Smoking Gun]

JACK ABRAMOFF  3:23 pm October 20, 2005

Now Why Is This Man Smiling?

by mweiss