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It is easy to forget sometimes that D.C. area event planner Politico actually won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012. Not for their morning-winning, afternoon-winning news coverage, mind you, (lol, u guys.) but for their editorial cartoons, drawn by this guy Matt Wuerker. Like many a baby boomer — man — Wuerker used to be cool, […]

We all know that Christine O’Donnell finds it offensive, against the LORD, when someone has not yet found (or been assigned by their father or local bishop) that oppositely-sexed person with whom he or she will be spending eternity making babies, and yet they decide to sate the baby-making urge while touching their “sin place,” […]

Barack Obama and John Boehner can’t seem to make their relationship “work,” physically or otherwise, probably because John Boehner is a Sagittarius and Barack Obama is a Communist — two zodiac signs that are just not compatible, according to “the Politico,” a publishing house for mediation-related guidebooks such as Loving Others, Loving Yourself and You […]

Has the Pennysaver of American Political Trivia finally found a real-world use?

We’re now about eight nine pages into this very long NYT magazine thing about The Politico, and it’s mostly the stuff you know about — the funny cartoon video somebody made, all the reporters who quit, etc. But there’s one crucial bit of Win the Morning hilarity we must share with you, as it succinctly […]

WHOEVER MADE THIS IS A GENIUS. [Xtranormal via The Awl]

Oh ho ho ho, big victory for banal reactionary Mad Lib The POLITICO, as executive editor Jim VandeHei was just elected to serve on the Pulitzer Board. He is the first person from the Internet to ever do such a thing! Reports… the POLITICO, cynically: “‘In many ways, the Pulitzer Board is on the same […]

Liberals, don’t you just hate them! The worst kind of liberal is one who earns a big salary. Hypocrites! It is completely impossible to both make a decent living and have Liberal Views about the government’s role in society. Sure, go do cocaine in your limousine, then try saying you support health care for disadvantaged […]

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A Blogger’s Confession: My Bad

by Alex Pareene

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Mike Allen Will Not Be Denied

by Alex Pareene

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Everyone in Senate Near Death

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Happy Politico Day!

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