the pill

Oh Lucy what have we done now! Oh, we have just MISUSED and MISCONTEXTED words from the Independent Women’s Forum’s senior contraception correspondent, by not quoting them from the original source (Andrea Peyser) when she did not include them in her column! Not only did we not include Lisa Schiffren’s invisible words that did not […]

Womyn, wanna hear something really scary? How about: if you are on the Pill, your womb is studded with tiny fetuses, just sitting there, frozen, undead, or maybe they are eating you? We are not sure, because Christian dick radio host Kevin Swanson — last heard explaining that college will turn your daughters into ugly, […]

Remember in 1990, when conservatives shrieked and moaned about the threat to religious freedom that was the Supreme Court upholding a ban on Native Americans’ sacramental Tripping Off of the Balls? You don’t? That is because those people were Indians. But today? Today, Aug. 1, 2012, is a Day That Shall Live in Infamy. This […]

Oh that is nice, Randall Terry, the pro-life activist and “Democrat” who beat Obama in 242 percent of the Oklahoma Democratic primaries this year, has a new website, and he is inviting the “child-killers” at Your Wonkette (along with the cool dudes at RightWingWatch and the humorless nags at Jezzy) to come join him for […]

No one knows how to turn a good preposition like Sarah Palin: “Truly, it is a war on our religious liberties and that violation of conscience that he would mandate that is un-American because it violates our First Amendment in our Constitution.” Exactly.