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We’re actually going to need to build some sort of timeline to cover all the dumb in this story. You will recall that Fred Phelps died, which you knew because you do not live in a cave. And then there was the inevitable and obligatory fake Onion obituary, which praised Phelps for stopping the march […]

You know that one Onion story that’s nearly mandatory in any discussion of the general awesomeness of Old Handsome Joe Biden, right? (Frankly, we doubt we even needed to link to it, but it’s a habit by now.) You probably also know that Biden knows about the meme, and thinks it’s “hilarious,” right? You might […]

Look, Rep. John Fleming is too busy putting food on the table with his $400,000 business income (after food expenses and all other expenses) to know that THE ONION is a satire publication and there are no plans for an $8 Billion Abortionplex in the works, as of now.

The Onion put out a series of “breaking news” tweets narrating an escalating Capitol Hill hostage situation perpetrated by Republican members of Congress (GET IT??), which the Capitol Police decided to treat as actionable cause for TOTAL PANIC because “satire” is not covered in the police training manual. Hooray, Earth is now sentenced to have […]

If you have been checking the authors of posts on your Wonkette this week — and you have, because writers know that everybody pays a lot of attention to bylines — you will have noticed there is a new guy. Yes! The time has come! The torch has passed, etc.!

TEEVEE COMEDY  10:31 pm November 6, 2008

What Will Obamazombies Do Now?!

by Ken Layne

Here is your funny video report from The Onion, about the crushing sadness of Obama volunteers who now have to … who knows? What do people do, anyway? [The Onion]

Yup, a 1993 page from the 1999 Onion book Our Dumb Century with this article and subhed, “Nation Eagerly Awaits Ohio Man’s Profound Insights Into Current Events.” See, everyone, just make up a story — type any random crap in your comments about anything, just try it! — and American capitalism can make it happen. […]

THE ONION  7:00 pm September 27, 2007

An Entire Panel of Larry Kings

by Alex Pareene

CONGRESS  10:26 am July 6, 2007

Rep. Ingersol Murders a Hobo

by Alex Pareene

MUSIC  5:34 pm May 7, 2007

The Onion Launch Party

by Alex Pareene

ACLU  10:26 am May 24, 2006

Paging ‘The Onion’

by Alex Pareene