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The New Republic ran a profile of Rand Paul Monday with the headline “President Rand Paul.” But why? Does anyone at the usually pretty sober and realistic (except for when they were really excited for the Iraq War) New Republic actually believe Rand Paul is a real contender? Maaaaaybe not, is Yr Wonkette’s reasoned opinion, especially […]

If there’s one place that Jewish people are overrepresented vis a vis their share of the population, it is in banking Hollywood the Bilderberg Group magazines and the Internet. You cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a woman named, like, “Rebecca Schoenkopf” or “Sarah Steinberg” or “Rachel Schoenkopf Steinberg” or whatnot. But we have […]

The famous “in-flight magazine of Joe Lieberman and Air Force One,” The New Republic, wants to make you vomit blood for the next week. This is the only explanation for its most recent cover, in which a 400-year-old black-and-white space dragon is depicted and weighed as a possible victor over Barack Obama in the upcoming […]

Approximately 4,000 political blogs attacked fat toad Marty Peretz for his latest repulsive Muslim-hating idiocy published by his sad pamphlet, Muslims Can Suck My Ass Is What, but it took the notice of the New York Times to make Marty “regret” that he had once again published the kind of Muslim-hating hate speech he has […]

What’s that sociopath New Republic editor Marty Peretz up to these days, in terms of how much he hates the motherfucking Arabs, who he KNOWS are not even human, because come on, Arabs? This week, hate-sack Marty Peretz (whose mom was an Arab) says Americans of Arab descent are not “worthy of the privileges of […]

Michael Kinsley, the dignified journalist and dinner companion to David Denby, starts his review of the new Newsweek reboot with this: “Having recently been dumped by Time, I naturally had great hopes for this week’s much-anticipated makeover of Newsweek.” And 2,000 annoying words later — including a long bit about masturbating to a large photograph […]

Boy howdy, this March 4th edition (how??) of The New Republic is a real piece of work! Here’s an interesting snippet from an editorial titled “MSM, RIP,” by The Editors: “On The Huffington Post and its ilk, you would find rants about how ‘Beltway media really makes no effort to do anything other than parrot […]

It was only a matter of time before the The New Republic stopped being an inevitability in this little feature. Well, the time has come—just one week in! Let’s take a look what worthwhile things are afoot in these storied pages this week, for our new feature, Thursdays Are For Magazines.

Did anyone else know that Howard Wolfson has a blog on The New Republic now? No, not his elitist indie rock one, but an actual politics blog that is comically titled “The Flack,” where he mostly answers arbitrary questions about Hillary Clinton. And he says that Clinton will not start a “cat fight” with Palin. […]

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