the homosexuals

It was another day of thuggery on the Iowa campaign trail as Michele Bachmann’s remaining followers mercilessly booed and taunted a sad gay robot. The pudgy homosexual android just wanted to make a case for itself, but the slob wingnuts just chanted BOOOOO because that’s how they “cure homosexuality.” Speaking of pudgy gay robots, has […]

Famous Texas rodeo queen Rick Perry can’t seem to get away from the “Rick Perry is a homosexual” rumors, maybe because of how he acts. Here’s a report of a fun (?) encounter between Perry and some kind of “bisexual activist,” which prompted Perry to talk about his warm feelings: “Here’s my issue. This is […]

This is the spirit of America right here: A drag queen named “Sherry Vine,” who had been busying herself up to this point doing parodies of Lady GaGa videos, answered the call of a weeping nation and decided to teach our Closeted Homosexual Republicans about the virtue of HONESTY, via, of course, a Lady GaGa […]