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Oh no. He mentioned the War.

New Polish Speech Law Is A Gas Gas Gas

When governments pass laws about history, it's almost never really about history.

Louisiana Republican Fails Auschwitz 101: Never Record Political Videos In A Gas Chamber

How Not To Comport Yourself At Auschwitz.

Deleted Comments: Night Of The Vegan Nazi Holocaust Denier!

If we were nice, we'd call these folks eccentric. Nahh. They're feckin' eejits.

Seven Times The Media Lied About Trump’s New HUD Pick, Ben Carson, By Quoting Him

The media's always misunderstood poor Ben Carson. Thanks to Donald Trump, he can keep on making no sense at all.

A One Hundred Percent Trumpless Appreciation Of Elie Wiesel, RIP

Because that Star of David bullshit can wait till tomorrow.
Empty-headed fool.

Ben Carson Sorta Sorry For Saying Jews Holocausted Themselves, Can He Be President Now?

It appears that someone suggested Dr. Ben Carson ask Jeeves about the Holocaust. You know, the real Holocaust, as opposed to the Republican fan-fic one, where that commie Muslim Adolf Hitler rose to power on a platform of marriage...
Another day of being forced to make gay pizzas. Sigh.

Why Did Anne Frank Hide Like A Coward Instead Of Killing Nazis Dead Like A Real Man?

Last week, Dr. Ben Carson -- alleged educated person, supposedly in possession of a functioning brain -- offered his innovative Hot Tips For How To Survive A Holocaust. First, man up with a military-grade arsenal so that when the Nazis come...

High School Kids Give Holocaust The Respect It Merits: Nazi V. Jews Beer Pong

Some high school children have some Jews very very angry (for a change; lol Jews, right?) with their classy reenactment of the Holocaust, via Beer Pong (above). Note how much harder it would be to get one's ball into...

George Zimmerman Is Your New Anne Frank

These days George Zimmerman is taking a cue from all those people comparing themselves to Gandhi, and Mandela, and Rosa Parks. Almost (actually, not "almost") to a man, those people were in fact fighting for the opposite of what...

GOP Rep: Student Loans Will Lead To A Holocaust Run By German-Americans, Obviously

Way out in the western part of the great state of Maryland is a mountainous land that is mostly rural and white and working class, more Winter's Bone than The Wire. This corner of the state has been...

Joe The Plumber Has Brilliant Analysis Of What Caused The Holocaust

What caused the Holocaust? (Or per Business Insider, "Why are the sources of anti-Semitism?") Well, you could be boring about it and point to the rich vein of anti-Semitism going back to the Middle Ages in those parts of...

Your Morning Braintrust: Of Course Those Gays Should Be In The Pen So No More Gay Babies Can Be Born

Towleroad, having brought us the original "let's round up the queers and put them behind an electric fence until they die," follows up with this extraordinarily delightful video of Anderson Cooper -- hmmmm! -- explaining to this mean dumb...

Grover Norquist: Why Are All These Democrat Nazis Holocausting Poor Billionaire Eduardo Saverin?

Poor Eduardo Saverin! All he wanted to do was renounce his American citizenship, coincidentally shortly before a big honkin' tax bill came due from his Facebook public offering or something (we don't know, it was all the news there...

Taste The Righteous Rage

By the Comics CurmudgeonUsually your Comics Curmudgeon approaches his work with a certain lightness of heart. But today is not such a day. Today is a day in which cartoons will be angrily berated for their various...

The POLITICO Guide To Grammar & Genocide: A Practical Holocaust Compendium

Oh my god, truly terrible publication The POLITICO has created a H/holocaust style guide. Like an actual collection of words published on politico.com that serve to outline when it is okay to invoke lower case-h holocaust and when it...