the hip hop

We hope you have been saving up your outrage, dear readers, because hoh boy: Barack Obama has invited singer Cee Lo Green to perform at a fundraiser in Atlanta! But what’s the issue? It can’t be that Matt Drudge is upset about the swears, about Cee Lo Green having a hit song titled, “Fuck You,” […]

Were you aware that we, as a nation, are currently celebrating the second anniversary of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign? Probably not, because McDonald’s did not advertise this on its napkins. Our FLOTUS, the arms and inspiration behind the campaign, knew it was time to celebrate, however, and so she embarked upon a cross-country birthday […]

“Why hello, 2004, we had almost (thankfully) forgotten about you,” was our first reaction to the news that Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign has a new “celebrity” champion in Joseph Antonio “Fat Joe” Cartagena, who at one point made a lot of suburban middle school dance chaperones nervous with his funny lyrics about the act of […]

Let us get something out of the way, first: We almost totally agree with the National Review Online “The Corner” writer who typed this about the Anthony Weiner scandal. The whole story is gross and doesn’t really matter and says very little about us, as a people, except for what we already know — that […]

Finally, after a few boring weeks of now-forgotten aviation incidents and answering kids’ dumb questions over and over, our FLOTUS had a pretty great week! And she deserved it, because the stress from all that bin Laden business was starting to make the vegetables wilt. But the blood of Osama has revived the veggies, and […]

Apologies in advance for those who still enjoy the Hippitty Hop and the Rap, because after watching this excruciating video, you too will finally agree that this genre of pop music probably went on for about 15 years longer than necessary …. the direct line from Vanilla Ice to this clumsy clod is actually visible […]

Hey have you heard about the important something-or-other, on teevee, when the one hip-hop fellow Mr. Kanye West said something about the hip-hop lady? SCANDAL! Well Barack Obama hates all this dumb misogynistic consumer-good-worshiping dumb shit. [YouTube]

Hey, it’s Liz Glover, continuing her Hip Hop Tour of America with Black Star’s Talib Kweli and also DJ Hi-Tek. They talk about gangs and things! Liz is assured that she would not be mistaken for a Blood, even if she walked around with “a red flag hanging out my backside.” Take note!

Here’s our own Liz Glover with Atlanta celebrity Antwan AndrĂ© Patton, better known as Big Boi. Why do these liberal hip-hoppers watch CNN when they could be learning so much about angry white people from Fox News? And why does that Barack Obama get so much media attention?

Nearly a year ago, in a faraway land called “Minnesota Nice,” two Patriotic Jews fought an epic battle, if by “fought” you mean “people who were already going to vote for president also voted for one of these dorks (or the Lizard People) running for U.S. Senate.” One of them, the rich Hollywood liberal from […]