the gays

Another day, another Whiny Christian Kids Wear Anti-Gay Shirts To School story. Seriously, we’re going to come up with a way to just insert the name of the school and the date so we can automate this stuff. This week, it’s Oregon City High School, where some big baby just couldn’t stand the fact that […]

Man, it is a great time to be gay and the saddest time ever to hate on the gays, as state after state after state turns homosexual. Ohio was only partly gay, having recognized gay marriage for the purpose of death certificates late last year, but now they have let the homosexxicans take over everything […]

You might remember that last year, a bunch of angry conservative Christians decided to take their toys and go home because the Boy Scouts were no longer going to stone gays to death. They created a nonsense organization called Trail Life aka Purity Scouts that promised that instead of cramming the gay down your kids’ […]

We have to admit we had completely forgotten about Herman Cain after his 2012 flameout, but it looks like he has a website where people who are not Herman Cain write things that are, we presume, thinks Herman Cain has thought of or agrees with. It is, as you would imagine, a really impressive level […]

Remember way back in February when we all got excited that Jan Brewer showed a modicum of human decency and vetoed Arizona’s “let institutionalize and business-ize hate against the gays” law? Looks like we started to rest on our laurels, got soft, failed to be eternally vigilant, and we didn’t pay attention to Mississippi, where […]

Last month, Honey Maid graham crackers, which you buy once per year for s’mores and then leave at the back of the cupboard until the mice get them or they turn to dust, aired an ad that said everybody can buy crackers and make s’mores once a year, even the gays and the interracially married. […]

Though we are all about loving how much gay marrying has been going on across the country, sometimes that overshadows the fact that it still really really sucks in many states to be a gay person who would like to have a job without fuckery or the fear of being fired, or both. Law-wise, there’s […]

We’re actually going to need to build some sort of timeline to cover all the dumb in this story. You will recall that Fred Phelps died, which you knew because you do not live in a cave. And then there was the inevitable and obligatory fake Onion obituary, which praised Phelps for stopping the march […]

Someday, Pat Robertson will shuffle off this mortal coil, and then we will have approximately 30% less things to blog about, because the man is a perpetual motion machine of gay-bashing and devil-invoking, usually all at once. Today is no exception, as Robertson explains that Jesus probably didn’t love homosexuals on account of how he’d […]

Let’s start with the best Sunday New York Times news of all: Thomas Friedman has the week off. There’s also news about how there’s no news about the missing plane and a reminder that your March Madness bracket is a mess with Syracuse losing to Dayton. The Times also covers Fred Phelps’s death and reminds […]

It’s time once again to go down into the sub-basement levels of the WonketDome to flush out the comment queue and see what’s been clogging up the ones and zeroes. We got a whole bunch of comments in the last few days from people who don’t think a whole heck of a lot of our […]

Gordon Klingenschmitt! We love this guy! He’s the demon-obsessed ex-Navy chaplain who is also too obsessed with the gays because — you guessed it — the gays are all chock full of demons. Now Klingenschmitt has reared his weird head again to warn us about how Senator Al Franken (D-Awesome) is going to pedophile up […]

Don’t you just hate when The Gays try to use health care like they’re some kind of people who need health care? Michigan’s former state Rep. Dave Agema sure does. Who is this blowhole? Oh, just a derpsman for the Republican National Committee and also a former pilot, which makes him an automatic The Gays […]

Exactly how big an asshole do you need to be to care who eats your five-tiered sponge-flavored diabetes-frosted wedding cake? This big: [T]he Oregon Family Council has filed its own initiative that would allow for discrimination against same-sex couples even if marriage equality passes. The proposed Protect Religious Freedom Initiative would create a “right to […]

Aw, this is so sweet and Jesus-y: The Senate on Wednesday adopted an amendment to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) from Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) that would prevent retaliation against religious organizations. Portman’s amendment — which would prevent retaliation against religious organizations that don’t hire someone because of sexual orientation or identity — passed by […]