the economy

On Friday, Ben Bernanke delivered a speech at Jackson Hole, in which he either said something that was very good news, or alternatively, said something very disappointing and you should get used to eating cat food and stealing WiFi.  But which is it? Very good or very disappointing? And how screwed are we? So many […]

Whose PROBLEM is this, you might be wondering, as you try desperately to save for your children’s college education, pay off your own student loans, keep up with the mortgage payments on a house worth less than what you owe on it, hope that you do not get sick, and contemplate a retirement age of […]

Remember a long, long time ago, WAY back, when the economy was ruined, possibly forever, along with life as we know it? Remember how this was all caused by a handful of banks but then this somehow got turned around and blamed on bunch of Poors? And then, remember how we gave them a bunch of money […]

Anthony Weiner is trying to trick America into believing that teevee investment firm “Goldline” is a bit of a scam. What is with these liberals? Glenn Beck and Fred Thompson get it. They know that FDR issued an Executive Order and can confiscate all of your gold whenever he feels like it. That’s why buying […]

Dear Nevada, Please stop blaming Harry Reid for your economic woes, because do you people even know what the economy (or Harry Reid) is? The Economy, like the Internet, is a series of tubes. Harry Reid is just an old man from Nevada. So why must you insist that Harry Reid is somehow related to […]

One of the many, many middle-aged couples who own socialist sex boutiques in LA—a demographic that’s actually the plurality of Andrew Sullivan’s readers—would like a business/pleasure bailout please. [Daily Dish] At this thing called a “Defending the American Dream Summit”, famous bald prostitute Joe the Famous Bald Prostitute criticized Michael Steele, for such is the […]

Let’s see what the boys at the Atlantic have cooked up for us this month, in the magazine’s March issue. There’s war, and the economy, and Christianity—timeless subjects, all! There’s also Christopher Hitchens, trying to one-up Adam Gopnik the only way he knows how: by writing disparaging remarks in Sharpie on his face.