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Nick Saban has won a lot of “football,” according to Wikipedia, and that is why every Alabama politician lusts after The Nick Saban Endorsement, because it is some sort of football sports analogy for something really great that is sure to bring you victory. Sadly Nick Saban hates politics and never endorses anybody. But that […]

Most Americans correctly believe that the Christ-child was born 400 years ago in a shitty barn behind Jethro’s Dogfight Shack in Arkansatucky, Missibama. Lo, betwixt her mighty labor pains, his unwed 14-year-old mother (who was just a little bit older than the average first-time mama in today’s South) said to her 20-year-old pervert fiance, “Um, […]

HMM QUITE YES INDEED  4:41 pm October 30, 2008

by Jim Newell

MAGAZINE ABOUT WEALTH ENDORSES OBAMA: Sarah Palin’s favorite — dare we say, “favourite,” tut tut — magazine, rich & sexy British global-money pamphlet The Economist, has endorsed Barack Obama, who is more likely to save all of their money than John McCain, who’s just nuts. [The Economist]

Here’s “gotcha journalist” Katie Couric getting quizzed by TMZ about her reading habits. She says the same exact thing that Sarah Palin said (“all of them, any of them”), except she says it to be funny. HOW DISRESPECTFUL. Katie also says she reads The Economist for the articles, and for the monthly compendium of slightly […]