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Your Weekly Top Ten Won’t Pledge A Loyalty Oath To Idiot Donald Trump Either


Donald Trump Sat Down With The Economist And Rogered Himself Right In The Lorry!

This interview with the Economist is what winning looks like! LOLOLOLOL

Betsy DeVos’s Confirmation Hearing Was TOTAL SH*T SHOW, Let’s Laugh At It!

The Democrats were SO MEAN, and it was awesome.

Alabama Politician Inadvertently Exposes Nick Saban’s Lameness

Nick Saban has won a lot of "football," according to Wikipedia, and that is why every Alabama politician lusts after The Nick Saban Endorsement, because it is some sort of football sports analogy for something really great that is...

Why Does Europe Hate American Freedom Christ?

Most Americans correctly believe that the Christ-child was born 400 years ago in a shitty barn behind Jethro's Dogfight Shack in Arkansatucky, Missibama. Lo, betwixt her mighty labor pains, his unwed 14-year-old mother (who was just a little bit...

MAGAZINE ABOUT WEALTH ENDORSES OBAMA: Sarah Palin's favorite -- dare we say, "favourite," tut tut -- magazine, rich & sexy British global-money pamphlet The Economist, has endorsed Barack Obama, who is more likely to save all of their money...

Katie Couric Mocks Sarah Palin For Being Illiterate

Here's "gotcha journalist" Katie Couric getting quizzed by TMZ about her reading habits. She says the same exact thing that Sarah Palin said ("all of them, any of them"), except she says it to be funny. HOW DISRESPECTFUL. Katie...

Wonk’d: A Supremely Bad Hair Day

Metro Section: Good Luck With That