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Maxine Waters Beated Lefty Reporter To Death, But It’s OK He Got Better

Not since the Bowling Green Massacre have we seen such unprovoked violence.

Glenn Beck And Tomi Lahren Face Off In Court, Nation Prays For Meteor To Strike Them Both

The Blaze hired a 24-year-old monkey to sit in a cage and fling poo. It now complains that the monkey threw poo. Meanwhile, the monkey complains about the cage.

Abortion Lover Tomi Lahren Half-Fired By Glenn Beck, For Loving Abortion Too Much

Does this mean they are snowflakes now???

TrumpCare 2.0: Shut Up And Eat It! Wonkagenda For Tues., March 21, 2017

The House unveils TrumpCare 2.0, Jeff Sessions tries to scare sanctuary cities, and Tomi Laharen gets hit with the ban hammer! Your morning news brief!
No one will be able to read them, anyway.

Wonkagenda: Thursday, October 6, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Tomi Lahren: Maybe Terence Crutcher’s Death Was A Tragedy, But Sometimes Black People Are Mean On Twitter

Tomi Lahren, everyone's new favorite ray of sunshine, has issued her official response to Tulsa police officers shooting Terence Crutcher for being a black man standing next to a car that had broken down. And -- because she is...

Tomi Lahren Says Colin Kaepernick Only Allowed To Protest His Own Dad

Tomi Lahren is clearly triggered by seeing black people protest racism, maybe she needs a safe space?

Glenn Beck Says ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Because Obviously WAIT UP, GLENN BECK SAID WHAT???

Glenn Beck correct about a thing, STOP THE PRESSES.

White Lady Tomi Lahren SO MAD Jesse Williams Won’t Thank Her For Freeing The Slaves

Tomi Lahren is sick and tired of being victimized by black people who won't pretend racism doesn't exist.
Oh christ, she's TRYING to be funny...

Sarah Palin Right About Thing, When Thing = ‘Don’t Wish Gang-Rape On Sarah Palin’

<a href="http://wonkette.com/599566/half-term-governor-says-half-term-senator-too-inexperienced-to-be-half-term-president"></a>Never say that Wonkette is not fair to Sarah Palin. Oh yeah, we are usually making hilarious jokes about how she quits everything and she's a giant grifter and she can't talk good, and maybe if she spent...
This must be the politest society in anime

High School Students Try To Do Journalism On Guns, Gun-Humpers Freak Out

The wingnuttosphere is up in arms -- concealed, openly carried, and hidden in the underwear drawer where their kids will never find them -- over an "invasive" survey that some Texas high school journalists put together to gather information...

Bristol Palin SO MAD At Obama For Doing Thing He Didn’t Actually Do, GRRRRR

We are not generally in favor of swearing cusses at children, because they are children, and that is Not Classy. But man, if there is one child for whom we would consider making an exception, it's this BLEEPING kid, CJ...
Just a racist, his gun, his flag, and his spring planting project

Charleston Killer’s Favorite Racist Gave A Bunch Of Money To Top Republicans, Oops

By now you've probably read about what's believed to be Dylann Roof's idiot manifesto, detailing all his insights into The Blacks and The Jews. It's the usual loathsome pile of racist crap, but he does at least let us know...
By now, we can't imagine anyone would make a big deal about it.

Obama Trolling Donald Trump Again, Will Visit Kenya, Or Home Sweet Home

In a move that shouldn't provoke any hysteria at all on the internet, the White House announced that President Obama will travel to Kenya in July for the "2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)," which is a "global platform connecting...
Dana Loesch, America's greatest living satirist

Dana Loesch Has Very Clever, Satirical Humor Thoughts About Dumb Ay-rabs

Move over, Mark Twain, because there's a new master of English-language political satire, and it is bespectacled she-troll Dana Loesch! It has been a while since Loesch graced us with her signature brand of satire. Thankfully, she is here...
Lyra, you doofus. Bon Bon's a girl... you don't even need those, silly pony...

Hero Science Man Matt Walsh: Feminists Hate Women, Because Slut Pills Kill

Matt Walsh, a dingus who writes for Glenn Beck's Flaming Internet Hole, presents a science-based case against The Pill, which he has discovered is really, really bad for women, because SCIENCE. For one thing, he read a genuine medical...