that’s not racial transcendence

In our “couldn’t happen to a nicer guy” file, we learn that the Coeur d’Alene Tribe cancelled a scheduled Ted Nugent concert shortly after being asked for a comment on the apparent irony of a Native American tribe hosting a guy known mostly for his paleolithic racist schtick. As best we can tell, the concert […]

Are you a person of a duskier hue? Maybe one of our fellow Americans with a really “great tan”? Maybe, because of this variation in skin color from the sallow peachish color of many of us, your forebears actually had to “harvest” cotton, all forced-like. But did you know, friends of color, that according to […]

Hey, remember John Huppenthal, Arizona’s state schools superintendent, who trolled a bunch of blogs from his work computer, mostly talking about what a great job John Huppenthal was doing as state schools superintendent, but also explaining that the poor are “lazy pigs” and Margaret Sanger did the Holocaust? Turns out that more of his commenting […]

Are you a babysitter? Are you the kind of asshole who lets her boyfriend in to rob and plunder the Wilsons or whoever while you’re eating all the shrimp cocktail? (No judgment on the shrimp cocktail, dude, just the ROBBING AND RACSIMING.) Maybe do not blame the robbery on the black next door neighbor, DICK, […]

Tomorrow is the runoff election for the Great Mississippi Ratfuck — aka the Republican Senate Primary — between Terrible Old Clueless Thad Cochran and up-and-coming neoconfederate grifterweasel Chris McDaniel. Needless to say, it’s managing to remain horrible right up to the very end! In an effort to get someone, anyone to vote for him, Cochran […]

Former Illinois congresscritter and forever deadbeat dad Joe Walsh was sent home early from his job as a wingnut talk radio host Thursday, because obviously the management of the radio station has no idea how Free Speach* works. See, all he was doing was making a commentary about the controversy over the Washington Redskins’ team […]

Hurrah, Yr Derp Roundup is back after a brief hiatus, and we are delighted to bring you a premium selection of the gunk that was stuck to our browser tabs, stories that didn’t quite merit a post of their own, but were too stupid to ignore altogether. We recommend adding the reality-dilution substances of your […]

We guess this is a new one. Sure, the old argument goes that team names like that of the Washington sportsball franchise somehow “honor” Native Americans, but on Outnumbered Monday, Fox’s Pete Hegseth went one better and insisted that the term “Redskins” was itself a pretty nice thing to call your noble savages:

Poor Katie Pavlich is just sick and tired of all the racism out there, and on Fox’s The Five Wednesday disagreed vehemently with the crazy notion that we all have prejudices. God knows she’s not prejudiced, although sometimes she does find it necessary to judge people in advance, like if she sees a black kid […]

Well here is a “fun” video that MediaMatters has flagged for us! It begins with Terrible Michelle Obama and Terrible Eric Holder speaking about the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. We are sorry to report this, but Holder claims there is still racism in this country, as if! And Obama doubles down […]

Well Wonkettenauts, we knew this day would come. We have known it every time some conservative emailed a joke about watermelon patches on the White House lawn, every time some Tea Party nitwit made a sign with a picture of the president dressed as a witch doctor with a bone through his nose. We have […]

In yet another Wonkette Deleted Comment Come to Life, we now learn that Barack Hussein Obama is personally responsible for the recent racist outbursts by welfare rancher Cliven Bundy and sportsball reptile Donald Sterling. And whom do we have to thank for this insight? Great Constitutional Lawyer Larry Klayman, fresh off his stunning victory last […]

Perhaps this is your first foray into the Internet today. Maybe you were getting brunch? Anyway, TMZ has incredibly upsetting audio of Clippers owner Donald Sterling slurring at his girlfriend for nine long minutes about how black people are best enjoyed in private, Strom Thurmond-style. Sometimes she argues, and says how sad she is his […]

You people honestly didn’t think you’d heard the last out of Cliven Bundy, did you? Do not be such sillybillies! Poor old boy’s been forsaken by his pals at Fox, where for nine straight hours Thursday, there was literally no mention of his racist remarks during the daytime news programming, and Gretchen Carlson actually shut […]

Wait, hold on just a minute, everybody! Turns out that Cliven Bundy is not an actual racist; he just said some stuff that the liberal media twisted all out of context to make it sound a lot more racist than it was, which was only a little bit racist, or something. Foamy exploding pigdoot Pat […]