that’s not racial transcendence

America, feculent dastardling Ben Shapiro is offended. He is very offended. His dudgeon is, in fact, quite high indeed. You see, he realized something yesterday in all the fuss over the announcement that Stephen Colbert would replace David Letterman as host of CBS’s The Late Show: Liberals get all offended by blackface, which is a […]

Saturday’s “worldwide” march to preserve white people from getting genocided by diversity had a slightly disappointing turnout, though we hear that a bunch of people were talking about it on Twitter. RawStory was able to find all of two manifestations of the march’s huge success: 10 guys parading in Florence, Ohio, Kentucky, and several anonymous […]

The KKK just wants to be understood a bit better, as indicated by flyers they’ve left on people’s driveways in Chesterfield County, Virginia. You see, a lot of people may have misconceptions about the Klan, but those are just sadly outdated stereotypes, say the flyers, which insist the group is nonviolent, definitely not a hate […]

Larry Pratt, the descriptively named executive director of Gun Owners of America, has figured out how to improve The Blacks in America: In a recent radio interview, he explained that American blacks would have a much better time of it if they could just be more like “the African from Africa.” You know, that one […]

Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Rightwingers are never racist. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go look at the comments UNDER AN […]

You know who is the greatest friend The Blacks ever had? We mean besides Donald Trump. It is awesome rock & roller and Republican Minority Outreach Specialist Ted Nugent! He is always talking about how he is not racist because he loves Motown and some other “reasons” probably too, oh, we remember one, he is […]

This will probably come as a big surprise to regular readers of the Wonkette: A minor Republican elected official has gotten himself in the news for sending a racist email joke! Yes, it is astonishing, we know. This time around, it’s Norwalk, Ohio city council member Bob Carleton, who sent this hilarious satire on modern […]

Yr Doktor Zoom will be the first to admit that we pretty much do not get the very idea of “fine entertaining,” where you have a whole theme to your dinner party, with matching decorations and food that relates to that theme — here is your “Lost Generation” cocktail, a napkin with a Gertrude Stein […]

So here is a tale of justice of sorts: Joe Rickey Hundley, the former executive from Idaho who slapped a crying toddler on a Delta flight as it was on approach to Atlanta last February, has been sentenced to eight months in federal prison for the assault. He had pleaded guilty in October in a […]

South Carolina Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell announced today that he won’t run for reelection so that he can become president of the College of Charleston. He’d make an awesome college president, since he’s an alum of Charleston, and really smart, and very much in touch with Southern Heritage, especially with his warm embrace of the […]

Thanks to a 9th-grade teacher in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, America now has its Official Stupidest Meme for the 2013 holiday season. Megyn Kelly’s teevee contribution to the idiocy was certainly the first and loudest, but an unnamed teacher at Cleveland High School gave “Don’t you know Santa Claus is white?” its definitive real-world test […]

Let’s play a fun game. It is called “What Is Wrong With Matt Drudge?” and the answer cannot be “everything” because then the game is over. Above you see his illustration this morning for the Golden Globe nominations, in which 12 Years A Slave and American Hustle both made out like armed robbers. Armed robbers […]

Obama For America, the campaign organization thingy that is in charge of Prezzy Obezzy’s twitter feed for some unknown reason, has sent out a VERY OFFENSIVE TWEET “honoring” Rosa Parks by making it alllll about the first black president. Why would Rosa Parks have cared fuck-all about a black man becoming president, when she had […]

Here is a fun tale about a mean old racist man who loves to work for the county for a cool almost hundred large, and who is also obviously a Republican because a) racist and b) hypocrite and c) “small government no taxes” we are gonna just assume while he has also been feeding at […]

Tipster “Nicholas” writes: Would someone figure this out, and then explain it to me in writing on an internet site? Sure, no problem, “Nicholas!” [watches video] [picks brain off floor] [stuffs it back into skull via nostrils] [passes out] [wakes up in a stranger's bed] [dressed as a minotaur] [me, not him] [has aneurysm] [is […]