Oh, boy, campers, looks like V-Jack is on a tear again! This time, she has discovered that there are a lot of books in public schools that she disagrees with! Just try and decipher this paragraph, which is not from a public school textbook, but from the blog of Victoria Jackson, which is a woman, […]

Hey, Science fans! Now that you’ve had a couple days to enjoy that little sigh of relief over that fired Ohio creationist “science” teacher who won’t be reinstated, here’s a new thing to worry about: After another round of State Board of Education textbook hearings in Texas, there’s some good news — looks like biology […]

Three members of Murrysville, Pennsylvania’s Franklin Regional School Board are Very Concerned about the potentially damaging contents of high school literature textbooks. Board members Larry Borland, Dennis Pavlik and Jane Tower made the case for inclusion of a new School Board category in Wonkette’s coveted Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year Award by objecting to…well, bad […]

In the one step forward, one step back department, we have the heartening news that the school board for Orleans Parish, Louisiana, has voted to explicitly bar schools from teaching creationism or adopting “revisionist” history standards. On the other hand, a Tennessee pastor told his church last Sunday that mass shootings are the inevitable result […]

Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 48 into law yesterday, which means that California schools must somehow squeeze gay history into its schools’ curriculum, which up until this point have followed the standard formula of 97% white men kicking ass, 2% Martin Luther King, Jr. and 1% bad things happening to America that encourage white men […]

Isn’t it amazing how quickly Al-Qaeda has been able to infiltrate the Texas public education system and impose its radical Islam stuff on America’s impressionable young people? Yes, it is! Just flip through one of these so-called history books and you will soon realize that only one or two chapters are about never forgetting about […]