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Border Patrol Knows What Is Important During Hurricane Harvey Evacuation: DEPORTIN’ MESSICANS, YEEHAW!

A little old hurricane evacuation is no reason to stop deporting people.
Early draft obtained by Wonkette

Texas State Rep. Just Wants To Poll Muslims On How Terroristy They Are. Is That Wrong?

No wonder Texas loons weren't going insane about this last year. It's a biennial event.
Get your denier bingo cards out!

Now It Is Ted Cruz Who Is Poor Persecuted Galileo, And Climate Scientists Are The Church

In a bravura performance Tuesday, Ted Cruz crammed an astonishing number of lies about global warming into four minutes of a longer interview with Texas Tribune reporter Jay Root. It was really pretty impressive! Cruz asserted that "we should...
Look, Mommy! Daddy has an analog tablet!

You’ll Prefer Reading About Ebola Nurses Over Reading Maureen Dowd In The Sunday NY Times

We're still getting used to bringing you this New York Times roundup on Sundays, so bear with us. It's a nice break from "Sundays With the Christianists" (which will be back at some point -- there's no shortage of...

Sweet Irony: Wendy Davis ‘Too Stupid To Be Governor,’ Tweets Longtime Rick Perry Strategist

There's this guy in Texas called Dave Carney, and he is mean on the Twitter! Why do we care? Because Dave Carney is a top adviser to Texas Attorney General and probable GOP nominee for governor Greg Abbot, and...

Texas Is Famous This Week

Texas has arrived! Just look at the Newsweek cover, which blasts the state's new marketing slogan, "Don't Mess With Texas," and features a picture of America's oldest teenaged runaway, Rick Perry, showing off his indigenous footwear. (Free snake farm...