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Militia Boys Havin’ A Good Ol’ Time Keeping The Border Safe From Eight-Year-Olds, Yeehaw

  Comic-Con Has Far Better Costumes
so brave
From the San Antonio Express-News, we have a photo update on the Great Big Militia Border Protection ...
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Men With Guns All Freaked Out By Topless Counter-Protesters’ Dirtypillows

  tit for tat protests
In general, the lamest running gag in Space Dandy. But it works here.
The brave gun-fondlers of Come And Take It Texas don’t have a problem with walking around ...
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Dumb Sheriff Doesn’t Even Agree With Fox & Friends That Illegal Immigrants Should Be Left To Die

  stfu brian kilmeade
Brian Kilmeade got a GOTCHA on some dumb Texas “sheriff,” when he played 911 tapes of ...
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Rick Perry, President Of The United States Of Texas, Sending Troops To Fight Evil Brown Kids

  I Am Mad About A Thing
Ugh, Rick Perry, you really are THE WORST. Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to announce he will activate ...
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The Stupidest Man On The Internet Ran A Bogus Story That Shut Down A Plan To Help Border Children. Hooray!

  to the least of my children
Jim Hoft’s idiocy is usually merely paranoid and malicious, but mostly the crap he projectile ...
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