Remember Michelle Malkin? Apparently Aisha Tyler does, because she mentioned on a radio show that she would like to kick Malkin “right in the nuts if I met her.” Michelle Malkin has seen this, has gasped and hyperventilated in horror, and does not like these funny librul ladies mocking her “sexuality,” which is apparently what […]

By the Comics CurmudgeonIf Carl Jung were alive today, he’d see political cartoons as a shortcut into our collective subconscious. Those brave few Americans who continue to read newspapers have the honor or seeing the darkest, foulest recesses of the human mind barfed out daily onto editorial pages everywhere. In order to fulfill their appointed […]

MAN does it suck to be in the Congressional minority leadership, especially when you’re the Republicans and you’ve got enraged Bitters calling your office and screaming the latest pitchfork-mob chants from Limbaugh every waking second, for no reason. The RedState blog has its own way of endlessly prodding: stunts. Hyper-masculine, masturbatory war stunts with PHOTOSHOP […]