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Alt-White Dipwad Richard Spencer Leads Candlelight Vigil For Confederates’ Hurt Feelings

'Alt-right' wingnuts had a hunka-hunka burnin' love for a Robert E. Lee statue in Virginia. Their ardor was soon extinguished.

Justice Department Will Investigate Comey Letter, Until Trump Kills The Investigation. LOL!

Hi, Justice Department inspector general, PLEASE INVESTIGATE VERY QUICKLY.
Really a surprising number of pics of ponies reading the paper...all from one episode, sure...

Wonkagenda: Friday, September 2, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, 07/27/2016

Here's some of the stories that may grace yr Wonkette today!
Yes, Virginia, there IS an ethics probe

In Charming Seasonal Ritual, FBI Investigates Virginia Governor. No, The New Guy

Yes, Virginia, there IS a federal investigation. But we have no idea what exactly is being investigated. It's Terry McAuliffe, there's always something.
Lion wasn't paying attention during the employee orientation

Virginia Legislature Saves Children From All That Porn In Schools

Both houses of the Virginia General Assembly have passed a bill requiring teachers to give advance notice to parents of "sexually explicit" passages in assigned reading, and to make alternate assignments available to parents who don't want their Special...
Cats with guns regret nothing.

Virginia Republican Ends Domestic Violence With This One Weird Trick (More Guns, Duh)

The Virginia Legislature just can't seem to decide how it feels, exactly, about the issue of domestic violence and guns. In 2014, it voted to not allow guns for anyone convicted of domestic abuse, stalking or sexual battery, which...
Why, yes, changes in concealed carry policies mean I want to ban all guns.

Virginia Republican Bets Gov. Might Appreciate Guns More If We Let Someone Shoot Him

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has incurred some serious gun-humper butthurt with a new policy on concealed carry permits. To punish the governor, a state senator has taken an idea from the internet (and a "joke" by Tucker Carlson) and...
Two more beneficiaries of unrestricted access to firearms

TV Reporter And Cameraman Shot To Death On Air, Because America

A Virginia TV reporter and cameraman were shot dead on live TV while reporting in Moneta, Virginia, Wednesday morning, and it is definitely too soon to suggest that maybe all the guns floating around the nation are in any way...
Don't know our ass from a hole in the ground

Confederate Flag Suddenly More Hated Than Donald Trump, Pubic Lice

So how about that Confederate flag? Now that it has a negative association for the first time ever, seems like everybody has decided to jump off the Confederate bandwagon, except of course for the diehard morons, of whom there...

Everyone Is Laughing At That Poor Dumb Idiot, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

The Indianapolis Star's Tuesday edition is a bit stunning, in that the entire front page is devoted to an editorial demanding that Indiana lawmakers "FIX THIS NOW." They are of course referring to the Fuck The Gays law, signed by...
Congratulations, buddy, the medal's in the mail

Jerk-Off Democrat Who Boned Medicaid Is Your State Legislative Sh*tmuffin Of 2014!

Dear readers, do you live in a state? The Washington Bureau is located in a lawless wasteland known as the District of Columbia, where our primitive jungle council attempts to rule only to be thwarted by unseen but all-powerful overlords...
Soon we can get back to insurance industry death panels the way Thomas Jefferson intended

Thousands Of Virginians Newly Insured. Great. Thanks Obama.

Virginia's Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe is dragging his once-noble Commonwealth down the perilous path to socialism, using an executive action that provides health coverage to "20,000 people with severe mental illnesses and 5,000 children of low-income state workers." This unconscionable abuse of power will...

Eric Cantor To Congress: Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

Yesterday was a big day for the GOP, what with the completely refusing to do anything at all about the immigrant children at the border that they pretend to be very very concerned about. They probably couldn't quite get...

Virginia Laws Against Anal, Oral Sex Go Down, And Now You Can Too!

Virginia is now really, truly for lovers. And not just the boring penis-in-vagina kind of lovers, but now you can put your naughty bits in whatever orifice you would like, even in the butt! Per WaPo: More than a decade...