It’s pretty clear that unless something really unexpected happens or we can unskew the ever-living-fuck out of some polls, Wendy Davis is probably not going to be the next governor of the lone Star State. That’s pretty awful on its face, but it is worse when you remember that the person who will be the […]

Did you read TalkingPointsMemo’s barnburner of a story about Maine Governor Paul LePage, and how he is so stupid that he kept meeting with a group of Sovereign Citizens — eight times in eight months, Blanche, for one to three hours each? And that the Sovereign Citizens loved talking about their buddy who was in […]

Oh noes, a White House guy said about the Republicans that you don’t negotiate with people with bombs strapped to their chests, and the Republicans are Having Sad! We agree! Just because John Boehner is demanding that Mitt Romney’s entire economic agenda be implemented in order for the Republicans to even consider allowing us to […]

Peter King (R-Stasi) has taking the very brave position of calling for the prosecution of reporters that publish classified data. Presumably, he is only referring to the classified data leaked by whistleblowers, NOT the classified data accidentally revealed by Michele Bachman during primary debates, and definitely not the classified data selectively leaked to news outlets […]

WorldNetDaily columnist Ben Kinchlow would like someone to explain to him just what the hell is the logic of having a government based on the most brilliant freedom-protecting document in the history of the world, the U.S. Constitution, if that document’s protections are going to be extended to people who we all know are guilty […]

Congressman John Fleming has had it up to here with your nonsense about the Muslim couple kicked out of his Shreveport franchise. They were not kicked out for being Muslim. They were kicked out for using the bathroom too long, scaring other customers (by being Muslim), and having ties to terrorism. Not for being Muslim […]

Now we wouldn’t want to let Michele Bachmann’s various House conspirators get off the hook for this “Muslim terrorists infiltrating the government because they are Muslim” summer-of-a-reelection-year stunt, would we? Here’s the dumbest person in the Western Hemisphere, Rep. Louis Gohmert, berating Jan “BIG SIS” Napolitano today about why she let a Muslim terrorist in […]

Well look what the end product of tens of millions in donations from rich libertarian energy tycoons and their corporations is at the Heartland Institute: A hilarious series of billboards out on the Interstate saying “Derp derp the Unabomber believed in global warming, derp, splat, are you the Unabomber?” They come in a variety of […]

Fox News is furious about the conditions at Guantanamo Bay, where hundreds of foreigns are held without charges in an extralegal offshore prison forever. Can you, the taxpayer, even believe how good they have it? It turns out that Uncle Sam is spending your hard-earned Ameros to build a “$750,000 soccer field” for these effete […]

Are you one of those humans who watches the Super Bowl “for the commercials,” which are always uniformly terrible? This is why those of us who live in Washington watch presidential debates! Oh the interest groups, they love buying DC ad time during hilarious presidential debates. There’s usually an Israel Project/AIPAC thing about how scared […]

In a super-neato sting operation today, the FBI totally intercepted a Muslim Terrorist wearing a suicide bomb vest en route to the Capitol, to blow it up. Sucker! Caught you! Go eat an Abortionplex-sized bag of dicks, guy! (But really, thank you for taking all of the pretend bombs our agents gave you and going […]

As this photo from our #OWS correspondent KenLayIsAlive makes clear, the guys with the Guy Fawkes masks are well represented at Occupy Wall Street and many other Protest Occupations around the country. The cultural trajectory of this mask is sometimes hard to follow, but here’s our attempt to explain it, and also explain why it […]

Get out your miniature American flags and get ready for all those chain e-mails from Grandma because it’s almost that time of year again! It has now been ten years since 9/11, which means America has had ten years to grieve, reflect, and cultivate limitless hatred for a religion we can’t even begin to understand. […]

Oh look, it is the helmeted space turd Sarah Palin doing a greatest hits tour on Fox News. Is this a replay clip from 2008 talking to Sean Hannity? No, it is Sarah Palin reenacting one of her more popular Dances of Stupid in exchange for her Fox News gold coins. “The teabaggers can’t be […]

The tens of thousands of cops, firefighters, construction workers and others who survived the worst terrorist assault in U.S. history and risked their lives in its wake will soon be informed that their names must be run through the FBI’s terrorism watch list, according to a letter obtained by HuffPost. [...] Kline, who sits on […]