So, yet another home-grown terrorist has been arrested, this time a 24-year-old man who was stockpiling guns, pipe bombs, and Molotov cocktails in his parents’ mobile home near Montevideo, Minnesota. We don’t wish to stereotype (actually, why not, since it saves time?), but you have to figure that somebody with a name like Buford “Bucky” […]

Hey remember way back in March when Rand Paul decided to talk for 13 long hours about why he hated drones? Who could forget! That was the kind of amazing display of singleminded enthusiasm for our civil liberties and Constitutional rights that make Rand Paul et al occasionally useful additions to the Senate. HOWEVER, hopefully […]

Four days after the bombing of the Boston marathon and 22 hours after a police officer was killed on the M.I.T. campus, one of the suspects is dead and the other is hospitalized and in some sort of detention that does not involve Miranda rights. A communal breath is taken, after the closest a nation […]

Like most of you, Yr Wonkette woke up this morning to news announcers cautioning that the story from Boston is “still developing” and “we don’t know all the facts yet,” but for the rage distribution device known as Pam Geller, the only necessary fact is in place: the bombers were Muslims from Chechnya. (Or ethnic […]

So it turns out that Paul Kevin Curtis, the Tupelo, Mississippi, guy arrested yesterday for (allegedly) sending letters containing ricin to President Obama and to Sen. Roger Wicker, is a real piece of work. It would appear that, in addition to urging Ted Nugent to run for President and worrying that the liberal media covering […]

Actual Sekrit Chatcave Dialogue: Dok Z: Has Louie Gohmert actually not yet said anything stupid about Boston yet? Rebecca S: According to twitter he has said something about something, but I do not know what. Tapatio? Dok Z (after quick Google search): Oh, there we go! See, I thought I was joking. But he came […]

We are still in that exciting post-tragedy time when nobody really knows a goddamn thing, but it is very, very important to speculate wildly as to the identity of the Bad Guys! There is a News Hole that needs a-fillin’, after all! Let’s see what Glenn Beck has stuffed into that particular gaping aperture…other than, […]

Jim Hoft, the stupidest man on the internet, is definitely sinking to the occasion! Yesterday, we offered him a nice bag of dicks to eat for claiming that Esquire columnist Charlie Pierce had “blamed” supporters of Patriots’ Day for the blasts (Pierce said nothing of the sort). Today, Hoft wants you to see some shocking […]

Bill O’Reilly is mad at President Barack Saddam Hussein for calling the Boston Massacre “a tragedy.” Therefore, ergo, ipso facto and Math Science of Words, Bill O’Reilly thinks it was the opposite of a tragedy. Therefore, ergo, ipso facto and Math Science of Words, Bill O’Reilly thinks that hundreds of people being maimed and/or dying, […]

The New York Times posted an op-ed online Sunday night that’s jarring not only because of its content but because of its very existence: It’s a column from a prisoner at Guantánamo Bay that explains how degrading and painful it is to be force fed while trying to hold a hunger strike to protest his […]

Remember how, back in 2009, the “pro life” movement was horrified when its constant harassment and threats toward abortion providers inspired an extremist to murder Dr. George Tiller, and how it rethought those strategies in the wake of the killing? Yeah, neither do we. Four years on, a new clinic is opening to provide abortion […]

If there’s one thing New York Rep. Peter King (R-OF COURSE) hates — besides Muslims, obviously — it’s people who leak classified information because they hate America. (Why else would they leak classified information, right?) Leaking government secrets is like an “invitation to murder” basically, according to Peter King. Like that one time there were […]

Rick Santorum has some thoughts you guys, and apparently they are so important he cannot even save them for his “exclusive” gig at WND, columnizing alongside folks who think the Supreme Court Chief Justice should be impeached for swearing in whats-his-name, the black guy. Here are Rick Santorum’s babies of his brain: Obama’s nominee for […]

Will the outrages never stop?

Gosh, it’s good to know that since 9/11, the NYPD has ramped up its counter-terrorism capabilities to the point where it now has a domestic surveillance unit that would be the envy of many a small nation-state, because, hey, apart from some niggling little complaints from civil liberties extremists, that huge anti-terror apparatus has gotten […]