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Just the latest example of 'Crazy Ass White Dude Terrorism.'

The grifter from Wasilla really should delete her Facebook page.

While we're having thoughts and prayers for the Orlando massacre victims, it sure would be nice if the Senate would actually confirm the guy who's supposed to be leading the fight against terrorists' finances.

Why does Anderson have to keep pointing out Pam Bondi's past anti-gay bigotry, NO FAIR!

Donald Trump explained Hillary Clinton can't possibly support gay people, because she doesn't hate Muslims enough. He said other things that made even less sense, too.

In which we are kind to Jim Hoft, sort of.

Here come Walid Shoebat and Pastor Steven L. Anderson to kill your faith in humanity.

Trump's plan for fighting terrorism? Just saying the words 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' over and over again until it stops.

Cliven Bundy has filed a massively stupid lawsuit against President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, and the federal judge in his criminal case. It's good for some laughs if nothing else.

Our favorite Nevada lawmaker loves the Men in Blue very literally, and would only point a gun at terrorist federal agents.

Donald Trump might not even kill the new mayor of London's whole family! (But also he might.)

Nevada Assemblywoman, congressional candidate, and all around gunstrumpet Michele Fiore has been thinking long and hard about what freedom means, and what freedom means...

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