We asked you to help Wonkette frenemy Victoria Jackson with her inspiring run for alderthingie of her hometown in Tennessee (not Florida, stupid internet), and you came through! Our winning entry is from Gleem McShineys, and it is titled “V-Jack’s Secretz Revealed.” We were taken by the technical proficiency, as well as the metaphorical eloquence […]

The damp gentleman above is Tennessee’s newest candidate for governor, one Mark “Coonrippy” Brown, 55, of Gallatin, who is running on a platform of getting his pet raccoon back from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. If he wins, it will mark a new triumph for single-issue politics.

A big congratulatory rubber-gloved handshake to Tennessee state Sen. Stacey Campfield, our inaugural winner of the Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year Award, State Legislator Division. And indeed, who more fitting than the very man who inspired the creation of the award? And so we doff our leather kitten headgear to you, Insert Name Here Stacey […]

A Nashville guy who claims he’s a member of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s church is suing A&E Network for its suspension of Robertson. Chris Sevier claims that the private company’s personnel decision will have a chilling effect on decent Christian weirdos like himself, inhibiting them from preaching damnation for the gheys. For good measure, […]

Hey there, history fans — time for another trippy trip back in time to the 1920s, that thrilling decade that brought us wacky fads like raccoon coats, bathtub gin, and Christian fundamentalism. This week, we’ll take a look at the 1925 Scopes “Monkey trial” and the religious infighting that helped propel it to national headlines. […]

Greetings from Wonkette’s brand new Bunker O’ Love, the underground safe room on our Idaho compound where we go to write about guns, gun accessories, and how they have made America great. Today, we have several tales of Great Americans using their guns for personal protection while keeping them in reserve to rise up against […]

Greenbrier, Tennessee, Mayor Billy Wilson was arrested Monday and charged with theft for stealing funds from the city’s Toys for Tots charity. At press time, the whereabouts of the town’s supply of Tar Tinkers, Who Hoovers, Gar Ginkers and Slu Slumkers could not be ascertained, although it is thought that Wilson may have already sold […]

So let’s say you’re a government prosecutor in Tennessee. Just bear with us. We wouldn’t want to be one either. And as the government, you go to court a lot since it is your job to prosecute people. So far, so good. But then let’s say you’re feeling a bit behind the 8-ball in your […]

Tennessee congressjerk Marsha Blackburn doesn’t hold with an oppressive federal government meddling in people’s choices — unless of course it involves sluts who want contraception or abortions, duh — and she gave HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius a piece of her mind about it at Wednesday’s Yell-At-Obamacare hearing in the House, pointing out that maybe Americans […]

Welcome to another edition of Derp Roundup, that weekly big ball of wadded-up idiocy from our inbox that was too stoopid to ignore altogether, but that didn’t quite merit a full-length Wonket post. Up first, a quick visit to that land of fiscal restraint, North Carolina, where Gov. Pat McCrory presided over a 2013 legislative […]

Why, sure, Washington Post, we’d love to read a political trends think-piece! Whatcha got? Oh, Tea Partiers who were elected in 2010 are starting to see some pushback in their home districts? OK, sure, we’ll read that! Please tell us that people are getting tired of their antics, will you? For instance, maybe you could […]

Blogging is largely a matter of finding the right stuff to write about. For instance, we see that the Washington Post has a new political science blog feature called “The Monkey Cage” – from the H.L. Mencken quote, “Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage.” And its first post is […]

A blow for freedom has been struck! Students in Hendersonville, Tennessee, have been saved from the grip of sharia law, and it’s all thanks to alert parents who complained when they found out that an elective World Cultures honors course would be taking a field trip to a Hindu temple and a mosque. Outrage! Horror! […]

Oh, land’s sakes, we have gone and done it now! We went and insulted the sacred honor of Southern Manhood, and now we are hearing from some VERY butthurt neo-Confederates who would just like us to know that a Southern Man don’t need us around, anyhow. Palmetto Patriot writes: It’s interesting how some of the […]

Update: Whoops, misread the date! White-a-palooza is October 12, not September 12. Our good Tennessee blogfriend Southern Beale sends us a tip about a rally — if you can call something attended by “the tens not hundreds these days” a “rally” — being held this weekend correction: scheduled for October 12 by the Neo-Confederate “League […]