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Tennessee Republicans Still Not Ready To Say Nazis Bad, Because Reasons

Is condemning Nazis really all that difficult? It sure is if you're a Tennessee Republican.
On a day like today, only a crying eagle and an American flag will do.

Victoria Jackson, Stacy Campfield Fare Worse In Tennessee Elections Than Confederate Army At Vicksburg

Sad, sad, sad news out of the great state of Tennessee, where two Wonkette favorites went down to defeat on Thursday in their campaigns for public office. Get out your hankies, people, for today we weep for comedy and for...

Tennessee Lawmakers To Gay Kids: We’re Outing You To Parents For Your Own Good

Not to be all anti-Tennessee, because we realize that there are many liberal awesome people in the Tennessee and you will all show up in the comments and remind us of this, but we've always presumed that being gay...