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Sen. Mo Cowan Becomes Most Prestigious Temp In Massachusetts

Hey, Barney Frank! We know you rilly wanted to be appointed to the Senate seat being vacated by John Kerry’s being appointed Secretary of State, and you’re kind of bummed that you didn’t get it, so we have a joke to cheer you up! Knock-Knock! For Christ’s sake, what is this, are you enfeebled? Naw, c’mon, Congressman, we love ya, play along! Knock! Knock! Oh, all right…Who’s there? The Interrupting Cowan! The Interrupting Co… MO!!!! Which is to say, we know fuck-all about newly appointed Sen. William “Mo” Cowan, so we will cut and paste some stuff from the Boston Globe story about him, like he was previously Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s former chief of staff, he will be a genuine caretaker senator, because he is not planning to run for the seat in the upcoming June 25 special election, and he is 43 years old (but looks like he just graduated or something. We didn’t look that good at 43). Also, after just three weeks, Elizabeth Warren is suddenly the state’s senior senator, which should be good for a bar bet somewhere. Read more on Sen. Mo Cowan Becomes Most Prestigious Temp In Massachusetts…