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Relive The Magic Of Florida In 2000!



Dick Cheney’s Likes and Dislikes


If you’re like us, you’re annoyed that the Daily Show’s list of what Dick Cheney finds offensive and inoffensive, shown on last night’s show, flashed on the screen for about two seconds. Fortunately, we have a screen cap. Here it is:

Emergency Alert System Actually Used!


Remember the emergency alert system? When your TV emits an annoying, high-pitched noise, shows you a rainbow-colored bar, and says “this is a test, this is only a test, of the emergency alert system”?

Metro Section: Burbs Edition


Hipster pastor in People’s Republic of Arlington won’t wed breeders anymore in protest against gay marriage ban: Everyone gets “commitment ceremony.” Republicans sputter: “It’s a terrible message to send to our youth.” [MOAR WORDS!