teh gays

Oh sigh. We are so tired of these dead-enders who can’t accept that the gay agenda is totes coming to your town, thanks to that raging gay homosexual judicial activist (but only when he rules against the right; otherwise he’s just doing what Thomas Jesus Jefferson would have wanted) Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was all, […]

There are many wonderful ways to voice your dissent on political issues of the day. You could, for example, put a bumper sticker on your car, which is highly effective. Or you could write a sternly worded letter to the powers that be. Or wave signs. Or put on a funny-looking hat with teabags hanging […]

Guess what? It is a new day, so it is time to talk about Lindsey Graham again. We will get to write about this until the end of time, apparently. This poses a problem for yr Wonkette because there are only so many old-timey gay ads we can use in stories about him. Fortunately, there […]

Hmm, guess we’d have to buy the DVD (“Get a five-pack!”) to see exactly what The Homosexualists did to this town in Arkansas. We only see evidence of a sedate street fair or bake sale, and then there are butthurt reactions from local wingnuts. Anyway, let’s all stop the horror of gay people moving to […]