teh gay

Hey gay homosexuals! Be happy! The Supreme Court is going to hear your gay cases about all the sick things you gays do, like get married and serve in the military. Wait, what? You’re NOT uniformly happy that the Supreme Court will hear your gay cases because there’s some complex different issues blah blah blah? […]

If you’re anything like us, and we know you are (yeah, we tried to make that sound better too, but there’s no help for it thanks to the royal “we”), you’ve been wondering how you can best hoard your hard-earned dollars to ensure that companies are punished for liking, or even just tolerating, teh ghey. […]

Today we learned that in NYC, there is something called a “Public Advocate.” This is not a description of a thing, but an actual job, like “truck driver” or “pole dancer.” The public advocate is kind of awesome and we wish we had one: The job of the Public Advocate is, most fundamentally, that of […]

Put away your filthy magazines and Glee soundtrack! Because “culture war news” never gets old, America’s future Screaming Banshee-in Chief signed another one of those dumb pledge things, this one called “The Marriage Vow,” where she promises never to sex her husband and hate Islam and farm babies, and uh, what’s that old favorite? Oh yeah, […]

IRAQ  4:49 pm September 5, 2007

Gut Feelings

by Ken Layne