Monstrous trash-cable crime-porn death-beast Nancy Grace is joining the noxious reality-celeb ritual gyration glitter program Dancing With the Stars. This is Living Proof that Satan is real and amongst us, today. Americans watch THIRTY-SIX HOURS OF TEEVEE per week, every week, on their slow Rascal-assisted journey to the Medicare Crematorium, so it’s very likely that […]

It used to be that parents could just plop their fat little children in front of “Ren & Stimpy” for hours without having to worry a bit about the little ones being attacked by “knowledge” or “science.” But this is the age of Obama and librul media and Sharia law, etc., so naturally the days […]

Mark Halperin is that guy nobody likes who writes/jabbers about politics and Washington. In this way, he is also every pundit jabbering about Washington and politics on the cable news, but he is also especially awful. So the world rejoiced a few minutes ago when MSNBC suspended Halperin for calling Barack Obama a “dick.” This […]

Icon of personal responsibility Chris Christie paid a visit to the fiends at Fox News yesterday, and as this screenshot shows, he nearly caused the entire right-wing cable news channel to tilt left and vanish into the ether. But, sources say, the other side of the couch was secured with special ropes made from the […]

We aren’t much for promoting television programs, because all televisions and the people who make television programs should be used to plug the radiation leaks at Fukushima. But, whatever, you probably always watch the teevee anyway, might as well learn something that might make you ANGRY enough to revolt: The richest brothers in the world […]

Surprise! “The show this weekend [part one of the finale] was taped back in November, and next week’s episode is also taped,” [NBC publicist Sharon] Pannozzo said. “So there will be no opportunity for him to do something like that.” Trump will announce LIVE ON HIS SHOW THIS WEEKEND that Sharron Angle will defeat Harry […]

GOING POSTAL  4:41 pm April 18, 2011

Mailman Poops On America

by Ken Layne

Haha, the guy thought the mailman “had a bunch of packages for us.” Well, the mailman did have a bunch of packages — packages of poop! (Unwrapped.)

Glenn Beck’s contract with Fox News expires in December, and you know what that means: George Soros is a scheming Puppet Master and/or Jew. Wait, no! It means Glenn Beck’s teevee chalkboard lessons and Cash4Gold infomercials will probably be canceled, since only the cream of the crazy milk watches his show anymore. But people familiar […]

Scheming frenemy Hillary Clinton tells the CNN people that she won’t be Obama’s secretary of state in his next term, assuming he wins, so this frees him up to nominate Sarah Palin or George Will or somebody. Really, Hillary’s jumping off the rat-ship … that’s what she told Wolf Blitzer, anyway. She’s a Clinton, so […]

It’s been a while since we’ve explored the backwards world that is D.C. politics, so here goes: Some five months ago, when bike lanes and education were still the rage, Adrian Fenty, champion of white-people causes, was Mayor of D.C. But one can only get so far when backed by the PBR lobby, and so […]

This year’s Super Bowl may not include Tim Tebow lecturing America about nearly-aborted fetuses, but it has something even better: Lord Ronald Reagan! Some soulless libtards planned the Super Bowl to be on Reagan’s 100th birthday, so to make up for this, the event will now include a pre-game circle jerk tribute to this dead […]

Don’t these Egyptians realize they’re supposed to provide a nice backdrop for these newscasts and stop moving around so much? Ignore the Americans in their safari shirts. Sure, you should kill each other in the back of the shot. That’s great. But stay a safe distance away.

The #1 most important world news story right now is: whatever is happening in Egypt Charlie Sheen no jobs Mitt Romney visited David Letterman’s talk show last night and recited his very own monologue, “Things You Don’t Know About Mitt Romney”! Here is an example of one of these Things you don’t know about him: […]

Keith Olbermann did his last MSNBC teevee show! It was a big deal, probably! Was he fired? Were there contract squabbles? How much of his thirty million dollars does he get to keep? Will it be enough, for whatever? All across America tonight (in New York and Washington and Los Angeles, mostly), people who carry […]

Not including Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Hula-Hula, Bahoo, Doray, etc. [Washington Post]