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Let's get acquainted with Trump's new pal Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue!

The Donald Trump campaign has close to NO MONEYS on hand. How can this have happened to the businessman who wrote 'The Art Of The Deal'?

You know what would be cool? Utah -- for godssakes UTAH -- nominating the nation's first transgender major party candidate for Senate.

Well, Wonkers, we made it. It is Saturday morning, after a really terrible, very sad week. But we are here, and we have your...

Poor pitiful Donald Trump. He has no idea how far out of his league he is right now.

Ted Cruz isn't quite ready to endorse Donald Trump just yet. But he's cool with all the insults hurled toward his wife and dad, as long as Trump promises to uphold Ted Cruz's special version of the Constitution.

Republican senators don't seem to want Ted Cruz's 'help' getting re-elected. Weird!

Some thought coal magnate Robert Murray of corporate behemoth Murray Energy broke the law when he made his people attend a 2012 Mitt Romney...

Take a look at this awesome InfoWars experimental film masquerading as a political ad for Libertarian presidential candidate John McAffee. Language is a virus from outer space!

Ted Cruz mimics human emotion. It doesn't go well.

Remember those ridiculous Penthouse Forum letters? The ones you'd read after you exhausted all the masturbatory potential of the pictures in Penthouse? Side note...

Maybe this would work! Or maybe there would be riots!

But Sen. Roberts is being a dick for COMPLETELY unrelated reasons, he says!

Oh hey, and YAWN, but it's another Tuesday where there are a couple of widdle bitty primaries happening and ZZZZZZ we don't even know....

Also Heidi says the Ted Cruz campaign is just like the fight to end slavery, and now we are REALLY worried about her.

OH HEY WONKERS, WHAT IS SHAKING? We are fine, thank you for asking. So, it's Saturday and that means it's time for your weekly Top...

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