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Michael Cohen Knee Deep In Shit. Wonkagenda For Thurs., May 17, 2018

Michael Cohen can't take this anymore, Trump calls immigrants animals, and Trump-Russia goes off the fucking rails! Your morning news brief.

New York Times Hires And Fires Nazi-Friend-Having Lady

The op-ed columns are out of control.

Technology Will Save Us All: Rich Asshole Edition

We have solved all our real problems and moved on to the made-up ones
It can't be reasoned with It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

Dallas Probably Doesn’t Signal Rise Of Police Death Robots. At Least Not Yet. Probably.

The Dallas Police Department's use of a robot to kill the suspect in Thursday's shootings of police raises questions about the next phase in policing technology. We're sure it will be used responsibly, you bet.
This AR-15 has a dream, too

Hillary Clinton Gonna Ban Your Assault Weapons, Which Don’t Exist And Must Be Protected

Hillary Clinton has renewed her call for a federal ban on military-style weapons, and now we all get to argue forever over what an 'assault rifle' is and why everyone needs one, for freedom.

Pat Robertson Can Heal You And Drive Out Demons — Even On Tape!

Superannuated Godswallop peddler Pat Robertson has some excellent news for you: He (and God of course) can heal you even if you're watching a recording of "The 700 Club" on the DVR, or even "on tape." He didn't specify...

Boys Way More Smarter Than Girls, According To Boys

Pfffft boys, amirite? They think they and all their brofriends are SO the smartest ever. Like these boys in biology class at the University of Washington, who were asked "Who is the smartest kid in class?" and the boys...
Oh, those fabulous Bushes

Morning Maddow: Jeb Bush’s Website Violates Everybody’s Privacy, Oops (Video)

Rachel Maddow loves the Bush family almost as much as we do. Especially their talent for putting their foot in it, as President George H.W. Bush did when he seemed amazed by a supermarket scanner during his 1992 reelection...
Bill Nye (right) talks to A Idiot (left)

Bill Nye Weeps For Your Stupid Homeschooled Children

We sure like us some Bill Nye. Following up on his February "debate" at the Creation museum, in which he handily took apart the bad science behind that institution, Nye has a book out, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science...

Maureen Dowd Is Meh About A Thing

Guys, we're really sorry we haven't gotten around to announcing the big tote-bag winners of our most recent photoshop and caption contests; we really will get to those soon, and you should believe us, because we are professional bloggers....

New Japanese Robot Ladies Still Fall Short Of Anime Fantasy, May Nonetheless Kill Us All

Fans of the Uncanny Valley will be delighted to know that roboticists in Japan have taken another giant leap toward creeping us right the fuck out, with two new female-appearing androids that will be interacting with guests at the...

Gun Enthusiasts Defend Freedom By Yelling At Lady Who Invented Gun-Safety Thing

Guns. Hot damn, if we all don’t want bigger, badder, better guns! Pew! Pew! Pew! America, Fuck Yeah, Second Amendment, NRA, freedoms, and all that jazz! Am I right! And if we occasionally need to feed the Tree Of...

Fox News Shrink Keith Ablow Suggests Guy Texting At Movie Needed To Be Shot, Maybe, Why Not

Fox News professional psychiatrist-like person Keith Ablow is just full of fascinating insights about human behavior, such as how America elected Newt Gingrich President because he's a virile adulterer and Barack Obama hates guns because of his daddy issues....

Old Handsome Joe Biden Asks If Japanese Ladies’ Husbands Gave Them Permission To Get Jerbs

Oh, golly, Old Handsome Joe... You know, we get you, but not everybody gets you. You understand we literally love you to death, but sometimes, you sort of literally put your foot in your mouth? Like during this meeting...

Shep Smith Steps On His Own Deck

In what has to be the Greatest Development in Teevee News since holographic Jessica Yellin asked Wolf Blitzer "What is thy bidding?" on election night 2008, here is Shepard Smith giving a tour of Fox's brand-new "News Deck," a...

Sundays With The Christianists: American History Textbooks For Happy Factory Urchins

We're going to skip a couple of chapters in our American history books for homeschoolers this week -- sorry, Andrew Jackson fanboys! (Quick recap: Gold Standard good but Bank of the United States bad; Trail of Tears sad but...