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We had not heard about this! Has “other we” (Ken Layne) brought it up? Not enough time to look through the archives, COPY-PASTE: “Actor Lance Baxter, otherwise known as ‘D.C. Douglas,’ currently known as the man who informs you how much Geico can save you on car insurance, left a message last month with FreedomWorks […]

CUT MAH TAXIS  4:28 pm April 14, 2010

by Jim Newell

JUST A REMINDER FOR THE TAX DAY TEA PARTIERS! Let’s drag out the olllllll’ “meaningful fact” argument again: “Recent polling shows that most people believe President Obama has either left taxes the same for this past year or actually raised them. The truth could not be more different. The President cut taxes for 98 percent […]

Good Friday-time, colonies! England, Land of Kings, would like to participate in what shallst now be titled, Thine Gloubal Tea Party Ninny Knickers Movement. The British Tea Party component shallst launch its first Proutestation this Saturday, and shallst be led by Sir Telegraph Writer Human Daniel Hannan, a “British fiscal conservative.” Actual tea shallst be […]

Another lovely Fox News poll. What is this about “fruitless” though? Racism and conspiracy theories have put the Republicans in great shape for 2010. If that’s “fruitless,” then consider these teabaggers fruity. [Fox News]

No one guessed anyone besides Sarah Palin, right?

It is now fairly evident that “giving up paint-huffing” was not Erick Erickson’s New Year’s resolution. [RedState] The libertarians seized power while you were foolishly slumbering with visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head. And now there is no sugar-plum tax? [Hit & Run] Finally, a documentary about black people oppressing white people. Very timely, […]

“Dale Robertson, a Tea Party activist who operates TeaParty.org, is getting stung for an old photo — taken at the Feb. 27, 2009 Tea Party in Houston — in which he holds a sign reading ‘Congress = Slaveowner, Taxpayer = Niggar.’ After the ResistNet listerv promoted ‘Liberty Concerts’ to be held by TeaParty.org, a source […]

The organizers of the upcoming Danville TEAParty in Virginia were surprised that their plan to burn life-size effigies of both the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and a moderate freshman congressman, Democrat Tom Perriello, in a massive bonfire, replete (presumably) with half-and-half cocktails of Everclear and lighter fluid, drew some […]

Hmm. So maybe there is one of those “God” things after all? When asked if he’d run for political office, unlicensed handyman and Constitutional originalist Joe Wurzelbacher said, “I hope not. You know, I talked to God about that and he was like, ‘No.’” Joe will be in Austin on July 3 to celebrate the […]

Fine, Austin is “okay.” And lightly populated West Texas is very nice, what with Big Bend National Park and the Mexican town of El Paso and whatever, as it’s really part of the Southwest. But Texas, that dipshit dismal swamp between, oh, Dallas and Corpus Christi, where the vast majority of the Texans live? It’s […]

A very smart eunuch has taken to the Internet to demonstrate, with his own two hands, how the various — well, just “two,” because binary thinking has its limits! — interpretations of tea protests “explain the difference between the anti-American left and the rest of America.” Mr. Person writes, “As it happens, when talking to […]

SO BALLER  9:52 pm April 15, 2009

Texas Should Definitely Secede

by Jim Newell

We feel somewhat guilty (not really, we are exhausted, jesus…) that we haven’t been able to thoroughly comb through the hundreds or thousands of photos you wonderful humans sent your Wonkette today, but this one DEMANDED immediate posting. “Taylor in Texas” writes: “Today has been a day of great hilarity, but not everything about it […]

Before starting out on our latest miserable journey into this muddy Randian hell, may we just NOTE that we have noticed various folks on the Internet writing about how lame and trite certain blogs are for covering the Teabaggers only because of that silly sexual double entendre, which is now a dead joke. Indeed it […]

It is time. You must see what we have seen. There will be more, and they will be worse. This shitty, muddy, 500-person national protest with NO TEABAGS. Prepare to GO GALT.

We saw this tuxedoed pig-man belting his terrifying song about money outside the White House without knowing, say, what the hell was wrong with him. And then other non-tuxedoed protesters started yelling in his ear and telling him to shut up, so we just assumed that it was a microcosm of the considerably important ideological […]