taylor bigler

Oh, those high-living Obamas are up to their early-viewing tyranny again. In 2012 Michelle stoled all the Downton Abbeys, and now Barack Obama has muscled the CEO of HBO into giving him advance copies of the new season of Game of Thrones and the last three episodes of True Detective. Oh it is so very […]

Daily Caller Entertainment Editor Taylor Bigler, fresh from her previous Pulitizer-nominated work discussing Obama’s dick-like signature, attempted to do her part for the Sheldon Adelson Pennysaver’s campaign attacking potential Senate candidate Ashley Judd. As Bigler is a serious journalist assigned to covering the world of celebrities and Royalty weight gain, she decided to abandon even […]

Sup, Daily Caller? Anything important happening in the world this week? No? That’s too bad, but at least it makes room among your pixels for this SHATTERING expose: Barack Obama’s signature, if you turn it sideways and then randomly add another line to it, LOOKS LIKE A DICK!

You’ve heard of Taylor Swift, right? She’s that young, pop-country musician who’s made, like, 70 gagillion dollars singing simple songs about love and loss and the teardrops on her guitar. She’s not breaking any new ground musically, sure, but turns out singing about the trials of love in a way that appeals to teenage girls […]

Daily Caller entertainment editor Taylor Bigler, as if that is even a name, is there anything going on in the world today that you might like to weigh in on? Oh, we guess you did right there, up above, in that screenshot. “Kate’s middle is gonna weigh a ton: Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.” Can […]