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Real picture. Only the words are shooped.

Even Nixonian Dirty Tricks Jerkface Roger Goddamned Stone Thinks Trump Should Release Taxes

When slime-dripping Nixon pal Roger Stone says you've gone too far, you may have gone too far.

Chris Christie Eated All Donald Trump’s $25 Million In Tax Debt

Donald Trump doesn't use public utilities, so why should he bother paying for them?

Trump Unveils Great Childcare Plan For People Who Can Already Afford Childcare

Because the government should pay for that silver spoon in their kid's mouth.

Trump Campaign Releases Laziest Dumbass Ad Of 2016 Campaign

Gosh, did Hillary Clinton get cheered for promising to raise taxes on the middle class? Sure, if you're a complete idiot!
As predicted by Nostradamus and anyone who knows Donald Trump

How Can Donald Trump Cut Taxes When He Already Doesn’t Pay Any?

Donald Trump appears to have a long history of income tax avoidance. Yeah, you could knock us over with a feather.
OMG the socialists are coming! Need Moar GOLD!

Rich People Can Be Dumb Mouth-Breathing Fox News Morans, Too

Being worth millions of dollars doesn't immunize you from having political views straight from your crazy uncle's paranoid email.

Big Government Does Tyranny To Tea Party Job Creator, Busts Him For Medicaid Fraud

Michael P. Tassone, owner of a diner with a 'Dictator Obama' special, exposed as total welfare queen. Whoops!

Fox Doc Keith Ablow Being A Jerk To All The Lazy, Potted-Up Millennials. That Is Wonkette’s Job!

Snotnosed Millennial brat thinks "Dr." Keith Ablow is not even the boss of him, whatever.

Stoners Do Good, Save All The Homelesses In Colorado With Their Pot Tax Dollars

Instead of paying money to send people to jail for possession, Aurora, Colorado is taxing it and then doing good stuff with the money.
Borned stupid.

Ted Cruz’s Dildos Squeezed Their Way Into Your Weekly Top Ten

What up, our Wonkette bros and lady-bros, are you ready to get a Top Ten list crammed at your face? GOOD. We had some weird news this week, about Ted Cruz's Dildo Issues. And also some other things too!...
Check their wallets first

No-Fun Justice Department Won’t Let Courts Put Poor People In Debtors’ Prisons, Boooo!

The U.S. Justice Department seems intent on taking all the fun -- or at least the profit -- out of state and local courts treating poor people as a source of (mostly) uncomplaining revenue. The DOJ Monday told states'...
The way we were.

Ted Cruz Just Wondering How Many Horse Heads Donald Trump Deducts On His Taxes

Oh what fun we are having, now that we have reached the point in the primary where Mitt Romney wants to dig into everybody else's tax returns. If you'll remember, last week, Romney, who really really REALLY didn't want...

Guess Who Wants A Peek At Donald Trump’s Tax Returns!

It's time for a 2012 election flashback! Won't that be fun! As if you are not already weary/terrified enough of the current election cycle, but just trust us on this one, OK? OK. Remember when Mitt Romney was running? You remember...

GOP Tax Plans Are Just Free Stuff For Rich People: A Wonksplainer

Are you rich and tired of all the poors getting the government handouts? Damn right you are! It’s time that this country gave something back to rich entitled asshats, and the GOP clowncar of fuckwits and addle-brained toads are...
Our Basic Instinct is to run screaming from this person

Idiot Nevada Lawmaker Michele Fiore’s Grifty Home Healthcare Business Goes Tits Up

Pity poor wingnut Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, whose (alleged) Medicaid-frauding home healthcare business was forced to shut down because of stupid invasive Big Government oppression of a free-market entrepreneur. Or, if you want to get all technical about it, the Nevada Bureau...
RNC Chair Reince Priebus

Dear RNC: Stop Bitching About Last Night’s Debate Questions. You Sound Like A Idiot.

Wednesday night's (very dumb) CNBC Republican debate had barely ended before the RNC and individual campaigns were whining and kvetching -- to reporters, their moms, to Pinterest, and everywhere else -- that the questions were SO MUCH UNFAIRNESS to the brilliant...