tax returns

Ol’ moneybags Mitt Romney is estimated to be worth over $250 million, a rather grotesque embarrassment of riches and presumably the reason why Mittens refuses to release his tax returns, in hope of avoiding a couple of news cycles’ worth of “How many thousands of struggling homeowners could Mitt Romney’s wealth instantly save from foreclosure, […]

South Carolina gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley is best known for being a Republican MINORITY and being accused of having sex with people. But also: “Haley, a fiscal conservative and tea party favorite, cites her experience as an accountant on the campaign trail.” So it is funny that she never does her taxes on time. She […]

Barack and Michelle Obama have posted their 2009 tax return online, just to brag about how they live at “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” where they count their $5,505,409 in adjusted gross income all day long, cackling.

Harold Ford Junior is being awful again, this time on the website, a popular day-trading lunch diner. He is upset that Kirsten Gillibrand will not release her tax returns, only because Kirsten Gillibrand demanded he release his tax returns, which are terrifying and not in the State of New York. Harold’s Logic: Maybe if […]

HILLARY CLINTON  12:46 pm March 18, 2008

by Jim Newell